So Hard to Watch

The UK are being dragged into a socio-economic crisis bigger than anything they have seen since World War 2, and for what reason? Mental health, food supply chains, unemployment, a widening wealth divide, health care access crisis, and so many other seemingly insurmountable issues are crashing down simultaneously on this nation. Some of the reasons are connected to Brexit which I have no understanding of. But many are related to the government’s pandemic response which I do have an understanding of and feel a need to share because our mainstream media steadfastly refuse to cover the topic with any balance. Everyone is bought into the idea that the virus is raging and killing people across Britain and Europe. In reality this is untrue. The details are complicated, but I’ll try to offer an overview here, with a focus on London but the information is transferable across Britain and in fact, most of Europe as well as some parts of the USA and elsewhere.

Firstly, this chart (from the Office of National Statistics) shows All Cause Mortality in London for the year. Below it is a similar graph for all of England showing much the same pattern, but is more complicated as different regions are affected at different times. London’s pandemic occurred across an approximately eight week period (an expected duration for pandemics) between March to June. A heatwave in August has been postulated as the actual cause for the small peak in excess deaths then, otherwise nothing is out of the ordinary by way of unexpected rates of mortality. There are still Covid-19 patients but not in pandemic numbers because London have reached the herd immunity threshold, meaning there is enough protection amongst them that the virus cannot spread easily anymore (which is considered, for this virus, to be around 60% which includes those who already had innate immunity). Excess mortality is however, expected to change once mortality caused by lockdown begins to impact statistically.

So why are London’s hospitals, and those across the nation, overwhelmed, in disarray, understaffed and under-resourced? Firstly, staff are being tested for SARS-CoV-2 weekly and required to self isolate if they produce a positive result (regardless of symptoms). This is occurring during the usual high pressure winter season when hospitals are nearly always challenged due to increased respiratory disease presentations. The below headlines are all from previous years.

Hospitals are performing SARS-CoV-2 tests on most admissions, regardless of symptoms. So if you break your leg and go to hospital, you are tested. For now, the main test remains the PCR which, as I have written about previously, is enormously problematic as a screening tool and is resulting in what can only be described as a false positive pseudo-epidemic. As I have written about, this issue is being addressed in courts across Europe. The biggest lawsuit so far is the Corona-Auschuss led by Reiner Fuellmich in Germany which is already underway. Why are interviews with Dr Fuellmich being censored? (You can watch an interview, now two months old and so slightly outdated but nevertheless showcasing his genius and ethics, at Jerm Warfare).

Anyone who tests positive is then defined as a “case” and must be sent to the Covid-19 Ward for isolation. These wards are being overrun whilst other wards are under-represented by patients, leading to a colossal rise in waiting lists for non-Covid health care across the nation. Accommodating asymptomatic “cases” with symptomatic patients is an infection control concern and hospital acquired disease represents a significant proportion of Britain’s Covid-19 unwell. Overfilling the Covid-19 wards results in a backlog in Emergency Departments which is overwhelming and worsened by problems with personal protective equipment (PPE) availability and the ongoing promotion of a fear narrative which has convinced people (including doctors, nurses and laboratory staff) without public health training, that they are dealing with an ongoing pandemic. One of the defining features of a pseudo-epidemic is that everyone experiencing it believes they are dealing with an actual epidemic, as the evidence at face value tells them that they are.

This graph, using data from the NHS Daily Situation Report, shows that confirmed Covid-19 cases increased almost three-fold between 1 December and 28 December. Yet there are >500 extra beds and >4,000 fewer non-Covid patients on 28 December, compared to 1 December. This strongly suggests that non-Covid presentations are being mis-categorised as Covid, as resource pressure has reduced despite more Covid.

Another series of graphs demonstrating the mismatch of data which would be corresponding to each other in a real pandemic is below. Briefly, each graph shows an actual epidemic pattern on the left (between March and June), and a pseudo-epidemic pattern to the right (now). People will be symptomatic when they are in fact infected with a disease and vast testing of asymptomatic people is not required to detect disease occurring at pandemic levels.

Similar mismatches are seen in media reports of enormous strain on ambulance services which is not supported by the actual data. Clogged Emergency Departments however, lead to obstructions in ambulances trying to deliver patients, so that even though call-outs are usual for this time of year, the ambulance service is impeded by the chaos. My information, which I have tried to keep brief here, all comes from resources provided by serious experts such as Dr Clare Craig, Dr Michael Yeadon, Professor Norman Fenton, Dr Joel Smalley and others who between them share a wealth of expertise in diagnostic testing, biostatistics, epidemiology, virology and other relevant disciplines required for appropriate analysis. None of them have political affiliations and all of them are taking risks by speaking out against those with powerful connections to politics and the pharmacy industry, who continue to promote the pandemic narrative. For anyone wanting to develop an understanding of the complexities involved, Clare Craig speaks with Steve Katasi in detail about Covid-19 and the public health crisis Britain is facing, at Adapnation Episode 154.

A large part of the mainstream narrative and need for relentless testing of healthy people relies on the story of asymptomatic spread. This was initially denied by all government advisors, as it is well known that respiratory viruses do not spread without the presence of symptoms. But then theories spread about this virus being so unique that you can spread it without any symptoms whatsoever. One of the proponents of this theory is Professor Christian Drosten, who is central to the Corona Auschuss lawsuit that is underway. Reiner Fuellmich has demonstrated evidence that Drosten knew he was lying about this. Meanwhile a recent meta-analysis undertaken by biostatistician researchers at University of Florida and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that “the asymptomatic/presymptomatic secondary attack rate is not statistically different from zero” (relating to spread of Covid-19).

The claims of asymptomatic transmission came alongside claims that we have no immunity and are unable to mount immunity post-infection. Evidence strongly suggests however that around 50% of us appear to have innate immunity and in some populations (eg South East Asia, Africa and Oceania), even higher rates of immunity seem likely for as yet unexplained reasons. Immunity is complicated so I won’t go on, except to point out that actually we do develop apparently long lasting immunity to this disease post-infection. Claims otherwise appear to have political motivations rather than any scientific backing, and obviously promote ongoing fear.

I am horrified for Britain and other locations in Europe and the USA experiencing similar crises. I worry that Australia and New Zealand are yet to face a similar fate once our winter arrives, of politically motivated disinformation leading us into false alarm and national chaos. The suggestion by some researchers (eg Djaparidze and Lois) that we may have higher levels of protection than populations in Europe and America may also protect us from looming political horror. Most of the world do not have our resources and are looking to the West as an example to follow, which is an evolving disaster.

Sensible, evidence based public health measures need to be implemented alongside honest investigative epidemiological research and journalism, allowing for intelligent and open consideration of all available information. The most basic tenet of public health during any epidemic is to offer appropriate information whilst minimising panic and societal disruption. We have failed.

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    Interesting article on the real reason UK hospitals are being “overwhelmed.” Apparently hospitals are performing SARS-CoV-2 tests on everyone who presents regardless of symptoms. So if you break your leg and go to hospital, you are tested. For now, the main test remains the PCR which, which owing to high numbers of false positives has created a false positive pseudo-epidemic. Anyone who tests positive is then defined as a “case” and must be sent to the Covid-19 Ward for isolation. These wards are being overrun whilst other wards are under-represented by patients, leading to a colossal rise in waiting lists for non-Covid health care across the nation. Overfilling the Covid-19 wards results in a backlog in Emergency Departments.


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