While this meta-analysis concludes that lockdowns have had little to no public health effects, they have imposed enormous economic and social costs where they have been adopted. In consequence, lockdown policies are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument“.

Lockdowns Did Not Save Lives, Concludes Meta-analysis

Professor Scott Atlas, public health policy expert who works closely with Panda and other public health agencies, speaking on the impacts of lockdown at Hillsdale College. After committing the crime of disagreeing with Anthony Fauci during time as Covid policy advisor at the White House, he faced extreme public villification.

There’s been a gross politicisation of science. The scientific journals, including the best journals in the world … have been publishing diatribes against people who just simply disagreed with the interpretation of the data that they didn’t want to hear. Instead of criticising the data, they’ve been character smears …” He goes on to introduce the newly formed Academy for Science and Freedom at Hillsdale, which plans to restore open debate in academia and public health.

The Cavalry is Us

Vaccinologists: aka “anti vaxxas”.

Brianne Dressen, a young fit mother and early childhood teacher, signed up for the Astra-Zeneca vaccine trial in Utah in November 2020. She subsequently suffered severe injuries. She described her experiences with Robert F Kennedy Jr on his 16 January 2022 podcast. Her injuries include vision, hearing and balance disturbances, a feeling of being electrocuted 24/7, lower body paralysis with differential diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, severe heart palpitations, severe shaking, and multiple other effects.

She also discussed the support that groups of vaccine-injured are able to provide to each other online, but which requires them to dance around the persistent censorship from mainstream media and social media platforms; the concealment of her adverse event by Astra-Zeneca; her communications with the New England Journal of Medicine; and the way that the test clinic discarded her. 180 people were withdrawn from the same study and it is unknown how many were due to injuries, which is not reported by Astra-Zeneca. The labyrinthine conflicts of interest between pharma, regulatory agencies and big funders are described.

Liz Gunn at FreeNZ interviews New Zealand victims suffering similar injuries, and speaks out against vaccine mandates being imposed across the nation. In Canada 50,000 trucks have formed a mandate protest convoy reported to be over 100km long involving 1.4 million people, which Justin Trudeau has described as “a small fringe minority expressing unacceptable views”. He has also referred to those opposing vaccine mandates as “racist misogynists”.

Pot … Kettle?

The owners of Lone Star restaurant in New Lynn, West Auckland, spoke to cameras yesterday about their losses, the unsustainable new reality for small business and the apparent illegality of enforced measures. “Do businesses enforcing these mandates and vaccine passports realise that once these boosters have been mandated, it is likely that less than half the population will be eligible to attend your businesses, making business harder than ever? Have you seen what’s happened to Israel? Less than half of the double-jabbed opted to be boosted. This is an attack on small business and has nothing to do with public safety … The mandates thrown on the hospitality industry late November 2021 saw three legislation changes within one week. As a direct result of this, many hospitality businesses were forced to close and there were suicides. Why isn’t mainstream media talking about this?“.

Dr Allison Goodwin of NZDSOS explained the assault on society as public health is used as an excuse to wage war against innocent citizens who are losing – and will lose – everything. “Fear is deliberately being used as a weapon to manipulate us. The governments of the world are employing behavioural psychologists to teach them how to use fear effectively … Being exposed to daily case and death counts with no context. So no information or understanding of what a case is and what the context of a persons death is. Was it a previously well, fit, healthy person, or was it a person who was already about to die? And the cases. Are they actually sick people or are they just positive tests? Having those numbers day after day, without any context, induces fear“.

Dr Astrid Stuckelberger, Dr Reiner Fuellmich and attorney Viviane Fischer held a press conference in Brussels yesterday to discuss legal actions being taken to stop the crimes occurring against innocent citizens across the world. Despite the evil actions which they summarise, behind which is an agenda of embezzlement and domination disguised as a public health emergency in order to ensure as much compliance as possible, they give a message of hope to the world. “It is always darkest before dawn. Dawn is when the lights come on. This means of course, that things will get better. That we will get rid of the mask mandates, social distancing and most importantly, very very dangerous shots… But this will not happen if we stand at the sidelines and wait for someone to turn on the light. Or the cavalry to come riding in and save us. This time we are the cavalry. We have to turn on the light“.

“Building Back Better” and “The Great Reset”: mere conspiracy theories? Daily Expose article exposes “Mister Global”, aka “The Davos Crowd”.

Eyes on the Ball

This amazing group of clinicians, leaders in their fields, converged in Washington a few days ago. They discuss their experiences working in an environment of horrific, and deadly, corrupted power. Many of them have been persecuted for the crime of saving lives with cheap, repurposed, effective medications which afford no profits to the pharmaceutical industry. Opening comments at the roundtable included:

Dr Pierre Kory of Frontline Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC):

Almost every single policy serves the interests of a pharmaceutical company“. In places where test and treat programs include use of Ivermectin, the pandemic ended. Uttar Pradesh in India, with a population of 240 million people, eradicated Covid. “Not covered. Two newspapers in India covered this and the word “Ivermectin” was not mentionedThe pharmaceutical industry is tightly intertwined with public health institutions … The industry capture of our health agencies, combined with their increasing financial control of most major media, social media and medical journals, has led to an ability to widely suppress and/or distort any information which supports the efficacy of repurposed, low-cost, off-patent medicines … protecting the market for novel, patented, obscenely profitable and often barely-tested and toxic medications … It’s an absurdity, it’s an obscenity, and it’s … a crime against humanity“.

Dr Paul Marik of FLCCC, 35 years as a critical care doctor, terminated during the pandemic because he doesn’t share the pharmaceutical industry’s agenda:

Between 4% and 10% of symptomatic Covid-19 patients have required hospitalisation across the world. With Omicron it’s about 2%. In this country, 4 million patients have been hospitalised with Covid and of those, 850,000 poor souls have died. These have been unnecessary, needless deaths”.

He goes on to describe serious scientific misconduct carried out under the leadership of Dr Anthony Fauci, who has strong financial interests in the toxic drug Remdesivir, which costs $3,000/course. Ivermectin costs 2 cents. “The Federal government will give hospitals a 20% bonus on the entire hospital bill if they prescribe Remdesivir…“. Up to 500,000 lives could have been saved.

Dr Aaron Kheriarty, Professor of Psychiatry and Medical Ethics, terminated during the pandemic for declining a mandated “vaccine”:

The foundational principles of medical ethics have been ignored in the pandemic. Payment incentives spurred policies to focus on Covid at the expense of all other health concerns, leading to a bias in case and death counts. This cost many lives, with a 40% increase in all-cause mortality among working age adults, most of which is not Covid-related. A 10% increase in all-cause mortality is described as a “once in 200 year disaster”.

Informed consent principles have been breached with experimenal use vaccines being mandated and the “common good” argument falling apart as these vaccines do not prevent transmission or infection. Vaccine efficacy declines with time and with new variants, clearly demonstrated with Omicron, and natural immunity remains our primary path out of the pandemic. FDA requested a 75 year hold on the release of vaccine trial data relating to vaccines mandated to millions.

The scientific method has been abandoned, with silencing of competing perspectives, projecting to the public “the false appearance of scientific consensus“, with a militarised public health response imposed with no criteria as to when the politicised “state of emergency” might come to an end.

Dr Robert Malone, creator of mRNA technology:

Discusses informed consent including disclosure of risks and benefits. “These vaccines are designed for the original Wuhan strain and are mismatched for Omicron. They do not prevent infection, viral replication, or spread to others. In other words, the vaccines are leaky, have poor durability … they cannot achieve herd immunity. Furthermore, they are not completely safe and the full nature of the risks remain uncharacterised. It usually takes us many years to fully understand the risks of vaccines and certainly new vaccine technologies … Omicron is highly infectious, readily infects those who have been vaccinated, is generally associated with mild disease and rarely if ever, causes death. Mandating these vaccines makes no sense and is completely inconsistent with the core principles with western bioethics…“.

Dr David Wiseman, research bioscientist:

Discusses safety and efficacy concerns of novel vaccines and therapies. FDA and NIH have been asked to meet with scientists, and appear to have finally agreed.

Dr Christina Parks, research bioscientist:

Discusses safety concerns of the vaccine mandates, in particular related to the physiological differences in African Americans who may be at significantly higher risk of adverse events.

Professor Jay Bhattacharya, Professor of Medicine, Stanford University:

Discusses the failed public health policies in the USA which have led to “hundreds of thousands of deaths, and created misery and suffering almost everywhere they’ve been tried“, and the alternative offered by the Great Barrington Declaration in October 2020. The virus harms older people by 1000-fold compared to younger people; lockdowns have created a public health crisis. Protecting the vulnerable against the virus and protecting society against the harms of lockdown policies, should have been the public health approach.

The attempts to reputationally destroy Dr Bhattacharya and his Great Barrington co-authors, by Dr Fauci and Dr Collins, is outlined by Senator Johnson. [Destruction of reputations and careers is a well oiled practice outlined by RF Kennedy Jr in his book “The Real Anthony Fauci”. It appears to have filtered through the culture of health professions everywhere, as media reports and patient testimonies describe on an almost daily basis now].

Other panelists include Dr Ryan Cole, Dr Paul Alexander, Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Harvey Risch, and multiple others. A robust discussion session, including disagreement on issues, follows the above introductory presentations. Details on corrupt practices within National Institutes of Health and Centers for Disease Control are further outlined. Steve Kirsch delivers an entertaining presentation on the only face mask with any protective benefit. The use of fear and dishonest messages to scare the population into complying with measures which often contradict public health, whilst benefiting pharmaceutical industry interests, is a recurring theme.

A Second Opinion

An inordinate amount of information is available now, providing a broader view of the public health narrative and allowing for more than a “single source of truth”. None of this information enters the realm of Trusted News Initiative-controlled, pharmaceutical industry-paid-up mainstream media outlets. Yet they are valid, usually highly qualified perspectives which under normal circumstances would, and now deserve to be, heard. Two examples are below, one from New Zealand and one from Washington DC.

Health care professionals in New Zealand who hold a non-“single-source-of-truth” opinion continue to stand up and speak truth to power, despite state-led threats to livelihoods and careers as well as the usual TNI-style character assassinations. On 15 January, a discussion was held with journalist Chantelle Baker, Is the Pfizer vaccine safe for children? Panelists were:

  • Dr Guy Hatchard, Physicist and Psychologist, health researcher specialising in natural health and food safety;
  • Lynda Wharton, Registered Acupuncturist and Naturopath, health researcher, freelance writer and founder of The Health Forum NZ;
  • Dr Cindy de Villiers, NZDSOS medical officer, being investigated by NZ Medical Council for expressing concerns about disproportionate fears generated in the NZ community;
  • Dr Allison Goodwin, NZDSOS medical officer, currently suspended by NZMC for questioning and voicing a different opinion than the state narrative on Covid;
  • Dr Matt Shelton, NZDSOS medical officer, currently suspended by NZMC for giving his professional medical opinion to patients, which deviates from the state narrative;
  • Tracy Pita, Māori public health advocate, who discusses coercion strategies, monetary payments and threats used to target “vaccine”-hesitant Māori communities;
  • Leao Tildsley, Samoan mother, community developer and founder of the Mama Bears project, who discusses the removal of parental rights, bombardment of propaganda in the Pasifika community and harmful results of the fears this generated.

We have endured two years of the pandemic and Covid-related deaths which has passed 5.6 million globally and 889,000 in the US. The US ranks 22nd in deaths per million (2,575) … Sweden, excoriated in the press, ranks 63rd (1,514 per million).

The human toll resulting from economic shutdowns is incalculable. The erosion of freedom and growing divisions within society, exacerbated by vaccine mandates, should concern us all. The latest variant, Omicron, is sweeping the planet as a wary public prays for it to be the last.

The purpose of today’s forum is to discuss the global pandemic response, the current state of knowledge regarding early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy and safety. What we did right, what went wrong, what should be done now, and what needs to be addressed long term.

There is still much to learn about the coronavirus, Covid the disease, and Covid vaccines. Early in the pandemic our knowledge was minimal. But even then, because of what we learned from Italy and the Princess Cruise ship, it was becoming obvious Covid was a disease that targeted the old and those with certain comorbidities. Instead of using that information, public health officials, pursuing a one-size-fits-all response, relied heavily on creating a state of fear to ensure compliance.

They also kept moving the goalposts. For example, we went from a two week shutdown to flatten the curve. To “Zero Covid”. From masks weren’t necessary, to a single mask wasn’t adequate. From a vaccine that would prevent infection, to a vaccine that reduced severity of the disease.

And as goalposts were moving, different viewpoints were being crushed.

At the very moment when outside-the-box thinking was required, the internet could have been used by practising physicians to share their experiences as they developed effective therapies. The internet was used instead, to censor discussion and villify anyone with a different opinion.

Until Covid, a fundamental principal of medicine was early detection, allowing for early treatment, which produced better results. Two years into the pandemic, the compassionless guideline from the NIH, if you test positive, is to essentially do nothing. Go home, isolate yourself in fear, and pray you don’t require hospitalisation.

It has also been sound advice when dealing with serious illness, to get a second opinion. Maybe even a third.

Today is about getting that long overdue, second opinion“.

Senator Ron Johnson, Republican, Wisconsin
Washington DC, Monday 24 January 2022
Panel Discussion, Covid 19: A Second Opinion
Watch at this link

Or not?

“I’ve only come out in my wig and gown, in my work clothes, for the specific reason, that the mainstream media, when they do deign to cover such demonstrations, which isn’t often … they like to brand people here as tin foil hatters, nutters, cranks. Whereas in actual fact we are simply people from all walks of life and all professions, who can think for ourselves and want to exercise our democratic right to express our views … There is only one narrative, no air time given to a counter-narrative, even the most highly qualified people are not allowed to challenge the mainstream view…” Barrister Richard Orme

From the Mountain Top

Following in the family footsteps: Robert F Kennedy Jr speaking for freedom / against tyranny, at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, 23 January 2022

I want to start with a salute to the courageous doctors of conscience who stood up with me here today and preceded me on this podium. One of the most disconcerting, alarming features of this pandemic response, has been this war against doctors of conscience. We know their names. Pierre Kory, Peter McCullough, Paul Marik, Paul Alexander, Ryan Cole, Tess Lawrie and so many others, whose lives and livelihoods are being destroyed because they are trying to do their jobs and protect our children.

The other really disconcerting part of this pandemic response has been what I call the information chaos. The use, the orchestrated confusion and fear, by manipulating PCR tests and over-amplifying them. By changing the metrics on how death certificates are calculated. The complete absence of any good information on case fatality rates or infection fatality rates. Or all the things that our public health agencies ought to be telling us so that we can individually, with our physicians, evaluate the risk and treatment and prophylactic protocols. We weren’t given any of that information.

The information we were given was badly, badly manipulated…

We weren’t told for example, that there was an age stratified risk. That people over 70 are 1,000 times more at risk from Covid, than those under 70. And that children have a statistically zero risk.

We were manipulated. And the press was manipulated into telling us all that every American faced the same threat as elderly people. And that meant that we could not have a rational response that protected the vulnerable, and protected people in our livelihoods, our culture, our political freedoms, our constitutional rights and our values, which are all ultimately public health issues.

The one data point that, in all of this confusion, in the fog of war that they created, to sow confusion, to sow fear, to make us compliant, the one data point. That everybody should know. And we have to regard as reliable because it’s the data point that Pfizer gave in its submission to FDA to get its licence…

By the way, there’s a half a million pages of granular data, which Pfizer and FDA have refused to produce. Because they say it’s too burdensome. These are the data that they reviewed for 108 days, but they say they can’t show it to us for 55 years.

So they promised complete transparency. But what they meant was complete transparency … in 55 years. Well we want it now.

The one important thing that you should know from Pfizer’s own data, is the section of the submission to FDA where they talk about all-cause mortality. What they say in that data … It’s very simple. Over the 6 month period of the study, which they ended in 6 months after telling us it would go for 5 years. They ended it in six months. They unblinded it and they gave the vaccine to the placebo group. So we will never know the long term impacts of this vaccine.

Here’s what they said happened in those 6 months. Of the 22,000 people in the vaccine group, 21 of them died over the 6 month period. Of the 22,000 people in the placebo group, only 17 of them died. What that means, if you extrapolate it and consider it reliable, and Pfizer says it is, … if you take the vaccine you have a 21% increased chance of dying over the next six months.

In the vaccine group, one person died from Covid. In the placebo group, 2 people died from Covid. That allowed Pfizer to tell the FDA and the American people that this vaccine is 100% effective. Because two is 100% greater than one. And that is the metric called relative risk. It is a deceit.

The important thing for people to understand is absolute risk. And here’s what absolute risk tells us. They have to give 22,000 vaccines to protect one person from Covid. And if you’re going to give 22,000 vaccines to prevent one death, you better make sure the vaccine doesn’t kill anybody. Because if it kills one person, you’ve cancelled out all the benefits.

But as we see, 21 people in the vaccine group died, and only 17 in the placebo group. So where did those excess deaths come from? The answer to that question is heart attacks. In the vaccine group there were 5 fatal heart attacks among those 22,000 people. In the placebo group there was one fatal heart attack to the 22,000 people. So that means if you take the vaccine you’re 500% more likely to die of a heart attack over the next six months, than if you don’t.

It also means that for every life they’re averting by saving a Covid death, they are killing 4 excess people with heart attacks.

The vaccine now, is in the market place. The data points that we are seeing confirm the fact that people are dying of heart attacks. There’s been a million injuries recorded in VAERS. There have been 20,000 deaths. More deaths than all vaccines combined for the last 30 years…

I’m going to quote you studies. I know this has never happened to you before because you’ve been listening to CNN, so you’re not used to hearing about scientific studies. But science is determined by doing scientific studies. Formally. Before we appointed one man to be The Science.

… The Lazarus Study in 2010, when we compared it to VAERS, we found VAERS is missing more than 99% of vaccine injuries. What did CDC do? … They shut down that study. They stopped the rollout. They put it on a shelf. And they’ve been keeping it there for 11 years …

We are all from different political orientations, from different political parties, different assumptions and backgrounds, different races and creeds and colours. We are here for one reason. We love the USA. And when we say we love the USA it means a lot of things … Most of all it means we love the United States Constitution.

We have witnessed over the past 20 months, a coup de’tat, against democracy and the controlled demolition of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Starting with the censorship. James Maddison, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, all said the same thing. We put freedom of speech in the First Amendment because all the other rights that we were trying to protect, relied on that right.

If you give government the licence to silence its critics, you have given them the capacity to commit any atrocity they want and to obliterate all the amendments and rights of the Constitution.

As soon as they got rid of freedom of speech, they went after freedom of religion. They closed every church in this country for a year, with no regulatory process, no public hearing, no demonstration of science, no scientific citation to show that it was going to do any good. They kept the liquor stores open as essential businesses. And I remind you that liquor stores are not mentioned in the US Constitution and churches are.

They took away our property rights. They closed 1 million businesses with no due process and no just compensation.

They took away jury trials. The Seventh Amendment says “No American shall be deprived of a right to a trial before a jury of his peers, in cases or controversies that exceed $25 in value”.

There is nothing else. That’s all it says. There’s no pandemic exception. There’s no war exception. There’s no any exception.

Yet they have passed a policy that you cannot sue any company, any of these large multinational corporations that claim to be involved in counter measures, no matter how reckless their behaviour, no matter how negligent their conduct, no matter how grievous your injury. You cannot sue that company.

These are criminal companies by the way. These are serial felons. The four companies that make all of our US vaccines for the children’s program, Pfizer, Glaxo, Sanofi and Merck, have paid $35 billion in criminal penalties for hundreds of violations and damages in the last 10 years. These are the companies who gave us the opioid crisis that kills 56,000 children a year. More American kids every year than the Vietnam War killed in twenty years.

These are not good citizens. These are criminal enterprises. And now you’re taking away any economic or legal incentive for them to behave? What do you think they’re going to do? You think they found Jesus suddenly and they’re going to take care of us and our children and they are suddenly concerned with public health?


They’ve took away due process, rule making, they’ve taken away our right to be free of warrantless searches and seizures with this very intrusive track and trace surveillance, etc.

So we are watching something now that I never believed I would see in my lifetime. That I read in Orwell and Kafka and Aldous Huxley. These dystopian science fiction novels, that oneday the United States would be overtaken by Fascism.

Fascism incidentally, is defined. Mussolini defined it, as a merger of state and corporate power. And orchestrated by Tony Fauci. So what we’re seeing today, is what I call turnkey totalitarianism.

They are putting in place all of these technological mechanisms for control, that we’ve never seen before. It’s been the ambition of every totalitarian state from the beginning of mankind, to control every aspect of behaviour, of conduct, of thought. And to obliterate dissent.

None of them have been able to do it. They didn’t have the technological capacity. Even in Hitler’s Germany you could cross the Alps into Switzerland, you could hide in an attic like Anne Frank did. I visited in 1962, East Germany with my father and met people who had climbed the wall and escaped, so it was possible. Many died doing it but it was possible.

Today the mechanisms are being put in place that will make it so that none of us can run, and none of us can hide. Within five years we’re going to see 415,000 low orbit satellites. Bill Gates says his 65,000 satellites alone, will be able to locate every square inch of the planet 24 hours a day.

They’re putting in 5G to harvest our data and control our behaviour.

Digital currency that will allow them to punish us from a distance and cut off our food supply.

Vaccine passports. You have a series of rights. As flawed as our government is, you can still go out, go to a bar, a sporting event, get on a bus or an aeroplane and travel. You have certain freedoms. You can get educated etc.

The minute they hand you that vaccine passport, every right that you have is transformed into a privilege contingent upon your obedience to arbitrary government dictates. It will make you a slave.

And what do we do about this?


I’m going to tell you three rules that you all need to know and memorise:

  1. Every power that government takes from us, it will never relinquish voluntarily. So they tell you “we just want you to lock down for two weeks. Just to flatten the curve in the hospitals”. But then 20 months later they still have us locked down. And even when they give up. When they close the lockdowns and let us go back to normal, they are not relinquishing the power to do it to you again and again and again. They now have that power and they will never let it go until we make them let it go.
  2. Every power they take from us, they will ultimately abuse to the maximum extent possible.
  3. Nobody in history of the planet has ever complied their way out of totalitarian control. Every capitulation is a signal to the oppressors to impose new forms of torment or torture or compliance or obedience. Every time you comply, you get weaker.

The hill that you’re going to die on is the hill that you’re on right now. And they’re coming for our children. And every time they push you back or you say yes, because you think if I just do this, we can all return to normal. Every time they talk you and fool you … bullies cannot be appeased. It just encourages them to new forms of torture and torment. Every time you say yes, you are pushed back to a weaker position.

That’s why we need to resist today.

… Let’s go and fight for freedom.

The event can be seen in full at The Highwire: Fight the Mandates, with many powerful speeches including representatives from a growing vaccine injured community, clinicians, scientists, statisticians, and other justice lovers.

Marginalisation of academics is bad.
Villification of fellow citizens is bad.
Supporting policies of segregation and discrimination is bad.
And the suppression of dissent in any public matter is really bad

Rabbi Zev Epstein, Lincoln Memorial, 23 January 2022

Meanwhile in New Zealand, where 95% of the population are allegedly “vaccinated” and 100% of the population hear Covid propaganda from their radios, internet and television connections multiple times every hour, this is happening:

And so is this:

Did you see the press conference today?

We hope you didn’t see it because you would probably have thrown your TV in the bin, but if you did – wow, wasn’t that a doozy?!

Aside from being back in red (which seems to change very little for the unjabbed), it sounds like masks don’t work so well anymore (despite Baker and Sooz still remaining massive fans).

And so we’re all on the same team again (except we’re not), and the mantra of the day is now something like: get a booster.

Remember Baker’s recent moment of honesty in the Guardian? “The traffic light system won’t help us very much because it was never designed to dampen down transmission, it was only designed to nudge people towards vaccination.” (Read the whole article here.)

Here we are again, folks. Back in red to nudge us towards getting you, and especially your kids, jabbed.

Well, we won’t be distracted by contortions and twaddle no matter what they spout from the pulpit of truth. Our eyes are firmly on the kids.

This Thursday, Wellington High Court will hear the critically important kids’ case. This week it’s the issue of utmost importance no matter what our dear leader tells us..
You know what you need to do
1. Share this special Kids & Covid Resource Page with your friends and family to invite them to join the thousands of people helping spread the word about kids jabs. In particular, download, print, and distribute the “You Can’t Take It Back” flyer on kids, covid & the jab or share any of the memes or videos on social media, through email or via other means.

2. Get the word out about the Kids Case, which is being heard in the Wellington High Court this Thursday seeking urgent interim orders stopping the rollout of the Pfizer jab to 5 to 11-year-olds on the basis that such a rollout is invalid and unlawful.

3. Share The ‘Hood website and blog posts. The Kids Case is being brought by a group of concerned parents via The ‘Hood, with the support of Voices For Freedom. The ‘Hood website is an incredible resource for parents and guardians who have questions about kids, Covid & the Pfizer jab. We especially recommend to share one of their videos like the “We Have Questions” series or the Joydah Mae – Hands Off Our Children music video.

4. Support PlayOn – our initiative to keep New Zealand playing. Join us on Tuesday 25th January at 8pm for an introductory webinar focused on the vision for PlayOn, how we plan for it to work and the critical jobs volunteers need to fill. Head to playon.co.nz to register and learn more.
5. Join your local group to keep up to date with events going on local to you. You might be keen to meet up in person with like-minded local people, to support flyer drops, or even to join pop-up events;
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8pm Sunday (tonight): Be Kind, Be Blind with Jaspreet Boparai.

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