Humility in Service

Cambodian Health Professionals Association of America (CHPAA) are about to embark on their tenth mission from USA to Cambodia where they are setting up shop for a week, offering free medical, surgical and dental treatment to people who otherwise cannot access care. Earlier this year I wrote about my experience traveling to a province outside … More Humility in Service

Oops and Stupid Deaths

Dr Paul Farmer, co-founder of Partners In Health, talks about “oops” health care leading to “stupid deaths”.  I have often referred to the destitution seen in Cambodia, caused by people needing to pay from their pockets for all health care costs – that’s “Out Of Pocket Spending”, or “oops”.  Health care in Cambodia, and across … More Oops and Stupid Deaths

Strike a Chord

“Humanitarian work isn’t criminal, nor is it heroic. Helping others should be normal. The real people who are suffering and dying are those already fleeing persecution.” Seán Binder There’s not a lot to blog about right now as I remain in Australia working but these words really struck a chord with me. You can read … More Strike a Chord

Scales and Skills

I’ve been in Australia since April.  Since then I’ve been helping Cambodia out a little from afar, but mainly focused on studies and work here, saving for the next jaunt to Cambodia early next year.  That’s why there’s been a paucity of blog posts. Earlier this year I obtained a set of butcher scales and … More Scales and Skills

The premise: Every human life is of equal value

What suburb someone lives in.  How much they earn.  How big or beautiful their house is.  The university they went to.  The degree(s) they earned at that university.  How they look.  What clothes they wear.  What car(s) they drive.   Where they go or what they do on holiday. When these are the standards set to … More The premise: Every human life is of equal value

Fighting Felons

Tuberculosis is an insidious and a complicated disease. Six years ago I met a young man of about 30 years old who hailed from India.  He presented to an Australian hospital with persistent abdominal symptoms.  Eventually doctors performed investigations and found multiple lesions on the lining around his abdominal organs.  Whilst awaiting results from the … More Fighting Felons

Dismay and Disarray

It’s a month since I wrote about Mary, aka “TB Baby”.  Sadly there is still no reprieve for this deteriorating almost-6-month-old.  She remains untreated and dangerously unwell at home.  Her weight is perilously stagnant, with no weight gain for over 3 months.  She is now developing other symptoms related to her suppressed immune system caused … More Dismay and Disarray