Where Ethics Meets Evidence

Because the two do still exist. Five Canadian doctors discuss the ethics and evidence of pandemic measures. You won’t find any of this on the mainstream channels churning out their big pharma sponsored junk science case number counts and “go hard” lockdown messages to the entire world population.

Population Immunity

This became a dirty term almost 2 years ago, much to the confusion of infectious disease epidemiologists trying to advise, against what is now realised as a paid-up and scripted cartel of astroturfers. Now we have vaccines which offer no population immunity either (see the changing rhetoric in this revealing medley). Multiple places experienced no … More Population Immunity

This is Extremely Dangerous to Our Democracy

Investigative journalist, NY Times bestselling author and five-time Emmy Award winning television presenter Sheryl Attkisson gave testimony to the Corona Ausschuss recently. The topic of discussion was “astroturfing”. A term initially coined in the political sphere, astroturfing means the creation of a movement orchestrated by corporate or political interests, designed to appear as though it … More This is Extremely Dangerous to Our Democracy

You Are Not Alone

Christmas Day 2021. Yesterday I spoke to a pregnant woman. This is her second pregnancy following a miscarriage in 2020. She was feeling very concerned after taking Dose 1 of an mRNA “vaccine” a month ago which caused her, two days later, to experience a reaction in which she fainted and her extremities turned white, … More You Are Not Alone

Comedy and Criminality

This hot take on New Zealand’s News Hub media channel is priceless. Whilst News Hub claimed protestors “threatened to storm parliament”, the message from protest coordinators was in fact: Message from the friend who shared the below news item with me:Once you know what’s going on the whole thing is sickening beyond belief. I wake … More Comedy and Criminality

Shaking the Jar

Event 201, sponsored by World Economic Forum and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, was held in October 2019 in New York City. The last of about twenty simulated exercises held over the past two decades, it involved multiple players practicing how to respond to a pandemic of Coronavirus Associated Pneumonia Syndrome (CAPS). Described as “a … More Shaking the Jar

Stop Living, Save Lives.

The World Council for Health is a burgeoning research based, public funded organisation offering counter measures in public health which are no longer available through corporate-captured global powerbrokers such as World Health Organisation. How easy it appears to have been to convince people that only by staying at home, and being surveilled beyond the home, … More Stop Living, Save Lives.

A Topsy Turvy World

After almost two years the infamously misused PCR test, one of the first lies imposed on us in the guise of “public health”, is finally being tossed out. “Tony Fauci is the J. Edgar Hoover of public health. The sad thing about our health agencies is that they become templates for agency capture, a phenomenon … More A Topsy Turvy World