The Year That Was

As 2015 draws to a close recurrent flashbacks plague me.  It’s a very pleasant affliction.  Six weeks back at work and I remain well and truly in a chilled out frame of mind.  Eventually the memories and mood will fade, but in the meantime I continue to soak up the constant flashes of spontaneous memories … More The Year That Was

Global Fortunes

For almost four of the seven years between 2007 – 2013 I was a long term foster Mum to three separate children over four separate periods.  It started with a 12yo boy called Mathew at the end of 2006, through a series of often shocking events which I could never have predicted in my wildest … More Global Fortunes

Speaking of Charity

The English word charity has a long and ambiguous history, depending on the source you refer to.  It stems from the 4th century when St Jerome translated the Christian bible from Greek to Latin.  He used “caritas” in place of “agape” which is referenced over 300 times in the Greek version and is said to … More Speaking of Charity

Universal Values and the Attention of Terror

This morning the southern hemisphere woke to news of another terror attack in Paris.  Multiple attacks have taken place across the city.  A state of emergency has been declared and the country’s borders have closed.  A hundred people are currently being held hostage at a concert hall, fifteen are already dead at this one site, … More Universal Values and the Attention of Terror

Until We Meet Again

It’s my last day in Cambodia after a whirlwind final week. By the time I returned from the US last weekend, Chom hadn’t seen his family, including his new baby, for five weeks.  We made arrangements for an overnight visit to them a few days later.  We traveled almost three hours upstream on the western … More Until We Meet Again

Cambodia In America

Existence would be intolerable if we were never to dream ~ Anatole France These words could have been written specifically for Paula.  After developing severe, chronic abdominal pain during pregnancy in 2011, her interim years have been a living hell.  We met on one of her most wretched days, approximately 16 months ago.  She had … More Cambodia In America