Australia’s Dissident Doctors Dropping Like Dominoes

“I support everybody’s right to full bodily autonomy. I believe in full and informed consent for every medical procedure or therapy. I believe in the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship. I believe in the Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Declaration in regard to medical experimentation. I believe in polite but robust scientific debate and that … More Australia’s Dissident Doctors Dropping Like Dominoes

A Better Way

Days before World Health Organisation meet to continue the drafting, negotiating and approving of their planned “treaty”, most people remain unaware that it is happening, or of the significance of the plan to our collective futures. Two people who are aware are Member of the European Parliament, Christine Anderson and American Psychiatrist, Dr Peter Breggin, … More A Better Way

Messiahs and Media

Unfortunately I can’t share the link as it was only available for 24 hours prior to requiring purchase, but I recently watched Propaganda Exposed. Produced by Ty and Charlene Bollinger, described in a Google search as “conspiracy theorists” (meaning they need to be censored to protect Google and their powerful partners), this is a high … More Messiahs and Media

Stories from New Zealand

Stephen Gee calls here for action from New Zealanders in support of Casey Hodgkinson, suffering with functional neurological disorder following a Covid-19 mRNA experimental vaccination. Paula is the mother of Morgan, a 17yo girl with heart injury following Covid-19 mRNA experimental vaccine. She gave this interview to Liz Gunn in December 2021 about their experiences. … More Stories from New Zealand