Cambodian Christmas

It is estimated that 95% of Cambodians are Buddhist.  Apart from the fact that people politely acknowledge Christmas as meaningful to westerners, there is a complete absence of Christmas here.  I may have seen two Christmas trees, which appeared about a week ago, outside some tourist hotels along the riverside.  Apart from that it’s been … More Cambodian Christmas

Monolingual Me

My brother is profoundly deaf and his primary communication is sign language.  Living in a hearing world he manages to get by with spoken and written English, but his grammar and style are very similar to that of someone with English as a Second Language (ESL).  His communication struggles can be extreme at times as … More Monolingual Me

Driving Cambodia

A motorbike carrying four people is not unusual but I was slightly surprised to realise that Dad, driving,  had one arm on the  handlebars of a bicycle being driven home alongside the family.  Ten year old boys line up two or three behind their underage driver alongside young families and crowds of teenagers.  One father … More Driving Cambodia

World AIDS Day

Today I had the good fortune to experience some World AIDS Day health promotion activities in the hospital, coordinated by our TB Control Program staff.  I attended the HIV Ward with two of our Social Workers and met with each patient briefly at their bedside, providing each person with a gift of healthy hot food … More World AIDS Day

“Sah aht”

Many words could be used to describe Cambodia, but this week nothing is more appropriate than “beautiful”, or in Khmer, “sah aht”. Apparently I arrived here for the wedding season, just as the tropical rains end and young couples lavishly celebrate their planned futures with family, friends and colleagues.  During a month in Kampong Cham … More “Sah aht”

Riverside Ramblings

Motorbikes ruin photography here.  You get a great shot lined up just in time to photograph the handlebars of a moped, or a chain of blurred bodies moving across the scene you’d intended which saunters out of sight before you can re-focus your lens.  Some dedicated photography sessions will be needed to get a few … More Riverside Ramblings

How Many Cambodians Does It Take to Ride a Motorbike?

The evenings in Kampong Cham come alive with young people on motorbikes.  Three riding abreast equals at least six teenagers socialising as they cruise through the streets.  Five is the most bodies I’ve sighted on a single moped to date.  Helmets are an optional rarity. Another regular sight is these wooden wheelbarrows which have many … More How Many Cambodians Does It Take to Ride a Motorbike?