Disease and Discrimination

The average number of individuals directly infected by one infectious case during the entire infectious period of a specific disease is defined as the basic reproductive rate.  Infectious diseases have individual characteristics, such as the route of transmission and the number of organisms needed to cause infection, which make this calculation different for each disease.  … More Disease and Discrimination

Pay It Forward

Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey made this phrase famous in a film of the same name some years ago.  The concept involves the recipient of a favour, instead of paying the favour back, paying it forward to three new recipients.  Each recipient is then asked to pay it forward, to three more recipients.  The favour … More Pay It Forward

Baby Business

The other day here in Australia, I was with a friend in town when her daughter called her, panic-stricken after being bitten by a snake at their home 10km from town.  As I sat on the phone with Emergency Services, who answered on the first ring, replying to their orderly and systematised questions, my surprisingly … More Baby Business

Our Fields of Gold

Darwin mentioned the word love 95 times in the Descent of Man. He mentioned survival of the fittest twice. Five months ago, days after Paula’s major corrective surgery, Samantha and I left Seattle, bound for Phnom Penh.  A week later I returned home to Australia.  The last time Samantha or I saw her, Paula was … More Our Fields of Gold