The Birth Lottery

One of these people will travel far to sing to small children in a forgotten community. One of these people will recruit a team of grandmothers to bring love to the poorest orphans. One of these people will fight for a safe haven for children in a dangerous town. One of these people will plant … More The Birth Lottery

Hair Raising Inspirations

“Another guy on the construction site, yesterday he fall down and die”. This was the translated reply when I asked after Dara’s parents yesterday. Googling to find out more about construction worker safety, the top search results are: Construction Workers’ Lives Hang in the Balance (November 2014, Cambodia Daily) Construction Worker Falls to Death at … More Hair Raising Inspirations

Cultural Chasms

They are late and still building momentum but the Monsoons have arrived in South East Asia.  With a bit of fluctuation, the Mekong River is rising steadily.  Slowly surging out into the delta, rising waters are transforming the lowest level green fields into massive brown lakes.  Soon many villages will become submerged in a combination … More Cultural Chasms

It’s Calling Me Home

If I wasn’t so familiar with Cambodia, I might have been afraid.  Samantha, convinced that “being in the forest” would be frightening to me, asked over the phone “are you afraid?” and I assured her honestly, not at all.   For starters, I wasn’t exactly “in the forest”!  Listening to music on the bus I’d missed … More It’s Calling Me Home

Wat Opot

The first case of HIV in Cambodia was detected in 1991.  In March 1992 the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC) began arriving in the country.  Over 20,000 military and civilian personnel from 100 countries were deployed to oversee normalisation of the country as decades of civil war was officially brought to an end.  … More Wat Opot

The Krama

As a young child I remember seeing footage on the television of scenes such as this coming from Cambodia. My enduring memories include a guy called Pol Pot, said by Mum to be “a very bad man”, and soldiers in black pyjamas with a checked scarfe.  With the exception of the occasional elderly person, the … More The Krama

Dilemma of Departure

Most evenings I sit in a particular spot beside the Mekong River watching the evening cruisers go by on their variously populated motorbikes as I sip a glass of white wine.  That’s a $2 luxury I can afford to spend on myself among the billions of other luxuries I take for granted in this lucky … More Dilemma of Departure

Doctor Beatocello

If you are interested in Cambodia then you definitely need to know about this guy, whose real name is Dr Beat Richner.  He is a Swiss paediatrician who first travelled to Cambodia as a young graduate in 1974 with the Red Cross.  He left when the Khmer Rouge seized power in 1975.  In 1991 he … More Doctor Beatocello