An Arabian Night

This week I was invited to a Cham wedding through an American connection I made when we took Paula to her surgery.  Despite learning a lot about Cham people in recent years, they still seem foreign and exotic to my western eyes and last night’s wedding did nothing to expel this notion. Our arrival at … More An Arabian Night

A Rich Village Life

Poverty and hardship are very visible aspects to Cambodian life.  Yet, coming from a wealthy background as overseas travelers do, seeing skinny children or elderly people hunched over themselves, beat-up old modes of travel, overcrowded vehicles and banana leaf shacks on dusty old highways, we don’t necessarily equate these very interesting sights with a level … More A Rich Village Life

“Sah aht”

Many words could be used to describe Cambodia, but this week nothing is more appropriate than “beautiful”, or in Khmer, “sah aht”. Apparently I arrived here for the wedding season, just as the tropical rains end and young couples lavishly celebrate their planned futures with family, friends and colleagues.  During a month in Kampong Cham … More “Sah aht”