Learning From History

As state-funded media goes on a rampage against independent candidates in local elections, we see decent and ethical people attacked as “anti vaxxers” and “conspiracy theorists”. Concern for population health is painted a crime whilst signals that something is wrong are entirely ignored. What would be behind such a phenomenon? … More Learning From History

We For Humanity

Eminent doctors traveling to Nuremberg to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the trial verdicts. A letter from 3 Nazi concentration camp survivors. Evidence of deliberate harm in UK. An Australian clinical trial analyst report on the “vaccines” and Dr Naomi Wolf on the political background of Pfizer. … More We For Humanity

What is Ivermectin?

It deworms horses, as we all know. But why is it a wonder drug for humans? Look what else it does! So why would drug regulatory agencies claim it’s “just” a horse dewormer, and suppress its use? Dr Paul Marik, one of the world’s foremost intensive care specialists, may know why.

Follow The Money

Did Covid Vaccines Save Tens of Millions of Lives? By Roger Koops June 24, 2022 Did the introduction of Covid vaccines reduce mortality? A recent preprint, with the now questionable Medical Journal Lancet, makes the claim that the Covid vaccine introduction in December 2020 actually prevented tens of millions of deaths worldwide.  Of course the … More Follow The Money

The Tool of Tyrants

Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda was released yesterday. A half hour documentary examining the use of vaccines in impoverished nations. The story of what happened in Kenya reads like a foretelling of global events since 2020. There are so many atrocious and instructive revelations in this interview (10 June 2022) with NZDSOS Doctor Alanna Ratna and … More The Tool of Tyrants