Outback Law & Order

Sound asleep a few nights ago, a rhythmic knocking sound woke me just before 1am.  It took me a while to register that this needed investigating and I eventually peeked through the bedroom blind.  I would never have seen the dark shadow hunched over on my front porch had s/he not been making such a … More Outback Law & Order

Falling Through Gaps

While it’s not health systems that save populations, but healthy and equitable economies allowing a decent standard of living for most if not all, I still like this quote by Dr Paul Farmer.  He is the founder of Partners in Health (PIH), a Non-Government Organisation who work in the poorest parts of the world, having … More Falling Through Gaps

Injustice Anywhere Threatens Justice Everywhere

These are a shortened alteration of words written by Martin Luther King Jr, the famous American Civil Rights leader.  They are words that have always struck a chord with me.  In quoting them here, I researched where they came from and it’s an interesting story.  In Birmingham Alabama in April 1963, during demonstrations against racial segregation, … More Injustice Anywhere Threatens Justice Everywhere