Although my European holiday is wonderful, I miss Cambodia very much.  Everything I do here is coloured by questions as to whether this is the best use of my time and money.  As one example of many, today the landmine victim who I support messaged me to say hello.  He mentioned in his limited English … More Unfathomable

El Pais on Tuberculosis in Cambodia

In the past year two different Spanish journalists passed through the TB Department in Kampong Cham, reporting in El Pais, one of Spain’s leading daily newspapers, about Medecins Sans Frontiere’s work.  The earlier report dated 22 October 2014, “Cambodia Advances in the Fight Against Tuberculosis” by Ana Salva, is longer and more difficult to copy … More El Pais on Tuberculosis in Cambodia

Rice and Resistance

When it’s time to plant and grow the rice, it’s time for Barang to take a lot of photographs ~ Me, July 2014 Our current pre-language-class routine happens at the end of three work days per week.  One, two or three of us meet three of our young students at the office, wander past another location to … More Rice and Resistance