Vanquishing Variants

Do we need to fear different variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus? One of the most basic concepts students of Virology learn is that virus mutation is an evolutionary process which affects a virus’ chances of survival. Lethal viruses render their hosts too unwell for human contact, limiting the virus’ ability for ongoing transmission. Milder viruses, … More Vanquishing Variants

Why scientists fear the “toxic” Covid-19 debate

Copy-paste from The New Statesman. The hyper-polarisation of discussions about how to handle the coronavirus pandemic risks stifling nuance and undermining scientific inquiry. By Laurie Clarke. On one side of the Covid-19 debate are the anti-maskers, self-styled freedom fighters versed in the ideals of free market libertarianism and the defence of personal liberties. On the other, are … More Why scientists fear the “toxic” Covid-19 debate