Are the World’s Best Health Systems Incentivising Harm?

It seems as though that is exactly what is happening. The Midazolam scandal in the UK is a huge cover-up which has been largely hidden from the public. Lawyer and journalist Maajid Nawaz has covered the story extensively here, here, here and here. NZDSOS, 9 November 2022 : From Functional Machine to Destructive Beast: Has … More Are the World’s Best Health Systems Incentivising Harm?

Counterspinning the Single Source

An NZDSOS doctor outlined the inconsistencies in Pfizer’s “safe and effective” messages pounded into New Zealanders for almost two years whilst a midwife spoke about the massive increase in foetal losses, placental damage and other extreme harms she is seeing since the “vaccine” rollout in New Zealand last year. Robert F Kennedy Jr’s “The Real Anthony Fauci” goes some way to explaining background to these horrific events. … More Counterspinning the Single Source