Rock ‘n Roll

On my first full day back in town Chom was taking a day off work to travel the 60km to his wife’s village, to pick her up and bring her home.  He works up to 18 hours a day, six days a week now, in two jobs (tuk tuk driving and managing the hotel I … More Rock ‘n Roll

One Finished Toilet

To everyone who contributed to the construction of a toilet for Dara’s family at their rural village home. Yesterday afternoon Chom picked me up on his moto and we went to check out the completed work.  We went via Shackville where we spotted Dara and another little boy so we stopped for a quick chat … More One Finished Toilet

Hair Apparent

This afternoon I was invited to visit one of our cleaners in her village a little way out of town.  With 75% humidity and 35C temperatures I decided to be lazy and booked Chom’s tuk tuk for the journey instead of cycling the c.20km round-trip. Just before Chom picked me up I was out on … More Hair Apparent

Attacked by a chicken

About half a million of Cambodia’s 15 million population are employed in the garment factory industry.  These workers make around $80 per month.  Export from this industry earns the Cambodian economy around $5 billion per year.  In recent times garment workers have been lobbying for a pay rise to $160 per month.  Today at least … More Attacked by a chicken