Lionhearts of 2020

Scott Atlas is this year’s leading lionheart in my view. He is an academic with zero political aspirations who entered the White House at significant personal cost. Regardless of which political side he appears to be on, the reason he entered the White House was “because the President of the United States asked me, a … More Lionhearts of 2020

Basic Public Health is Not ‘Extremism’

Scott Atlas has been described variously as an “extremist”, “Trump’s latest yes-man”, a “crackpot” and other politically driven insults that do not reflect his character, motivation or skill.  Common criticism from the general public, promoted by media-led character assassinations, has included “he’s not an immunologist or a virologist”, as though public health consists of nothing … More Basic Public Health is Not ‘Extremism’

Turning Tides

The New York Times describe Scott Atlas as having “unorthodox” ideas, and “pushing a suite of disputed policy prescriptions” in this article Yet for anyone who has read a little bit of public health and heard Atlas speak, this seems to be very far from the truth. Atlas recommends an evidence based public health … More Turning Tides