Tuk Tuk, Madame?

This has probably become the most often quoted proposition of my life, courtesy of both the fact that I rarely get propositioned, as well as the flood of multi-lingual tuk tuk drivers vying for foreign custom in Siem Reap.  Rav was waiting for me this afternoon in a sea of tuk tuks calling to me … More Tuk Tuk, Madame?

Magical Realism

We woke today to news of the death of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  Columbia’s President has described him as the “greatest Colombian of all time”.  This is surely thanks to his ageless and captivating writing, celebrated by millions of ordinary readers and the Nobel Academy alike.  His prose has been described as Magical Realism, which combines … More Magical Realism

Monks on Motorbikes

Siem Reap is a bustling hive of tourism and wealth.  Unless you are not a tourist, or one of the privileged minority benefiting from the tourism, in which case it is a bustling hive of desperation and poverty.  Either way, it is a busy, vibrant place, situated 5km from the historic Angkorian temples made famous … More Monks on Motorbikes