Celebrating Ivermectin on World Ivermectin Day

“Ivermectin is for everyone: for the vaccinated and unvaccinated, for those suffering from Covid, and those suffering from vaccine injury. It has even been found to have anti-cancer properties. Given the explosion of long Covid, vaccine harms and cancers, the world needs access to ivermectin, now more than ever before. It is the medicine for our times.” ~ Dr Tess Lawrie … More Celebrating Ivermectin on World Ivermectin Day

What is Ivermectin?

It deworms horses, as we all know. But why is it a wonder drug for humans? Look what else it does! So why would drug regulatory agencies claim it’s “just” a horse dewormer, and suppress its use? Dr Paul Marik, one of the world’s foremost intensive care specialists, may know why.