Unmasking Myths

Evidence continues to mount that face masks contribute to, rather than protect against, lung disease. Even more so when mask-wearers are immune-compromised as it is much easier for the bacteria and fungi accumulating at the entrance of their airways to breach weakened defenses. Bacterial pneumonia is considered the predominant cause of deaths in the 1918 … More Unmasking Myths

The Truth Project

Only prior infection without vaccination is creating long lasting immunity. According to medical staff, our health service is overwhelmed and in danger of collapse. The government would be quite happy if the public concluded this is all due to Covid. As we reported ten days ago, admissions because of Covid form a small fraction of the hospital workload. The health … More The Truth Project

Actual Doctors Respond to Latest World Health Organisation Corruption

New Zealand has reported its first cases of Monkey Pox. Alarmist media reports aim for fear and confusion. NZDSOS, whose help clinic know of people with blistering rashes post-injection, recommend people be alert to the propaganda and manipulation tactics at play. … More Actual Doctors Respond to Latest World Health Organisation Corruption

Do You Hope to Have Babies?

If you hope to have babies then it’s worth listening to Dr Matt Shelton, probably the most credible medical doctor in the New Zealand public eye at this terrible point in time. Most New Zealanders are unwittingly taking their advice from sources approved by a guy who has been servicing the pharmaceutical industry for decades. This type of corruption is insidious and happening everywhere at the same time. … More Do You Hope to Have Babies?

Here We Go Again

Tedros of the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front has informed the world overnight that he has decided to label Monkeypox a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). The committee voted 9-6 against this. At the same time, even mainstream news have started to talk about the long-warned phenomenon of immune system harm connected to the global experiment. Could the two issues be connected? … More Here We Go Again

Celebrating Ivermectin on World Ivermectin Day

“Ivermectin is for everyone: for the vaccinated and unvaccinated, for those suffering from Covid, and those suffering from vaccine injury. It has even been found to have anti-cancer properties. Given the explosion of long Covid, vaccine harms and cancers, the world needs access to ivermectin, now more than ever before. It is the medicine for our times.” ~ Dr Tess Lawrie … More Celebrating Ivermectin on World Ivermectin Day