The Effect of Scarcity on Your Brain

I’m sharing this article from Science Magazine last month, because it is highly relevant to the work I’ve been doing for over 10 years with some of Australia’s most poverty-stricken, marginalised people.  I must think about this issue almost daily, and have intuitively known that the stress people are under contributes to the often frustrating, … More The Effect of Scarcity on Your Brain

Cinema in the River

I’m leaving Alice Springs in four weeks from today.  It’s starting to feel very close, and there are many people who I need to leave behind, which is saddening.  As the Alice Festival is currently on, and last night Cinema in the River (ie in the dry riverbed) was featuring an indigenous movie, Satellite Boy, … More Cinema in the River

A Life of Contrasts

In the lead-up to moving overseas for two years, I have moved out of my house and been house sitting.  I’m currently staying in a beautiful architectural home, and have use of the car while I’m here, a near-new Mazda 3 which I’m getting around in happily. Another friend is also away.  I house sat … More A Life of Contrasts

Ever heard of HeLa Cells?

Occasionally in my microbiology studies I’ve encountered mention of HeLa cells, but didn’t really know what they were. Recently, in the virology course I’m currently enjoying so much (, the lecturer referred us to a 2010 book called “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks”, by Rebecca Skloot (which I’ve downloaded but am yet to read).  … More Ever heard of HeLa Cells?