Hair Apparent

This afternoon I was invited to visit one of our cleaners in her village a little way out of town.  With 75% humidity and 35C temperatures I decided to be lazy and booked Chom’s tuk tuk for the journey instead of cycling the c.20km round-trip. Just before Chom picked me up I was out on … More Hair Apparent

A Hungry Ride Home

This afternoon one of my colleagues came to the house and brought his young children to meet me.  The cycle home before our meet-up was – as always – interesting.  I stopped in at the bank on a corner where crowds were gathering on the road at the roundabout.  Through the masses I could see … More A Hungry Ride Home

Dealing with DRTB

As my project with Medecins Sans Frontieres draws to a close, reflections about the year laid out behind me prevail.  I am only leaving Cambodia briefly but my departure and the end of my work commitment here have me feeling very philosophical about this beautiful and catastrophic nation and the incredible experiences I’ve had here. … More Dealing with DRTB

Ghosts and Giving

We only have what we give ~ Isabelle Allende This morning I cycled into Shackville en route to work and the mother of my little amputee friend called to him that I was there.  In a flash at high speed from around the corner of their shack he appeared and sprinted up a small hill to … More Ghosts and Giving

Injustice Anywhere Threatens Justice Everywhere

These are a shortened alteration of words written by Martin Luther King Jr, the famous American Civil Rights leader.  They are words that have always struck a chord with me.  In quoting them here, I researched where they came from and it’s an interesting story.  In Birmingham Alabama in April 1963, during demonstrations against racial segregation, … More Injustice Anywhere Threatens Justice Everywhere

Chasing Buffalo and Other Cambodian Pursuits

A few weeks ago Paint, the disabled carpenter I’ve talked of, called my number while my translator was on holiday.  Conversation was not possible and so upon Win’s return we called him back.  A short conversation ensued before a pause for translation.  Poker-faced, Win stated “Paint is not home at the moment because he has … More Chasing Buffalo and Other Cambodian Pursuits

Ambiguous Expectations

An American friend who worked in Hollywood for years tells some incredible stories about the perils of celebrity.  Fame and money can play havoc with the human spirit as much as neglect and destitution can.  We all develop behaviours matching what we have learned to believe about ourselves.  In destitution, behaviours relate to excessively low … More Ambiguous Expectations