Imperfect Souls

When I was about ten years old I used to visit a young mother because I liked playing with her baby.  I don’t remember how I came to know her but she lived in a house on a street between my house and St Josephs Primary and I remember stopping in to visit them on … More Imperfect Souls

My Cambodian Week

Coming from a place where this is the normal standard of sharps care in hospitals… ….  it came as quite a shock to me when I first visited a health care facility in a third world country and encountered this. Puncture-proof, well designed plastic containers with clear labeling are the basic standard in western hospitals, … More My Cambodian Week

Unequal Exaggerations

This week I met a new patient who was unable to control quiet tears every time any of the staff walked into her isolation room.  That’s not especially surprising, being diagnosed with two stigmatising diseases (HIV and DRTB) in a country where the majority are already consumed by poverty-related stress.  I knew that as the … More Unequal Exaggerations

Templed Out

The other night we went to Sandan Restaurant in Sihanoukville for dinner. Very young apprentice waiters and waitresses, many quite hesitant and nervous, served us under the watchful eye of a slightly older, more confident and experienced young supervisor.  Occasionally the apprentices would approach us independently and occasionally the supervisor would accompany them to our … More Templed Out

Rice and Resistance

When it’s time to plant and grow the rice, it’s time for Barang to take a lot of photographs ~ Me, July 2014 Our current pre-language-class routine happens at the end of three work days per week.  One, two or three of us meet three of our young students at the office, wander past another location to … More Rice and Resistance