What Does Oil Have to Do With Medicine With Media With Big Tech With Power With Me?

This is an astounding story which continues to affect every one of us today. A five minute intro: A two minute addition to the same story: One of the many and convoluted ways in which it is relevant to events of today: Queensland Australia marches the agenda forward, most western democracies are on the same … More What Does Oil Have to Do With Medicine With Media With Big Tech With Power With Me?

Keep Cash Alive

What Impact Does Using Cash Have on Small to Medium Businesses? What’s Wrong With a Cashless Society? What Are The Technical Implications of a Cashless Society? See Keep Cash Alive for more. Maajid Nawaz explains it well. “It’s not money, it’s vouchers. They’re like food vouchers. They can be programmed … like the Chinese social … More Keep Cash Alive

What Mao Did

How did he do it? Is it relevant today? Fauci’s Red Guards: Michael Senger Once upon a time public health protection involved people trained in public health protection making recommendations such as staying home when sick because symptoms such as coughing and runny noses are how respiratory viruses transmit; and ways to best protect the … More What Mao Did

Radical Pandas

On his podcast “Radical“, Maajid Nawaz most recently interviewed Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra, followed by Abir Ballan, who I have worked with at PANDA, on pharmaceutical and health care industry corruption. Their insights are representative of what public health actually looks like, breaking down why it has gone so wrong. This from Abir: “Maajid introduces … More Radical Pandas

Learning From History

As state-funded media goes on a rampage against independent candidates in local elections, we see decent and ethical people attacked as “anti vaxxers” and “conspiracy theorists”. Concern for population health is painted a crime whilst signals that something is wrong are entirely ignored. What would be behind such a phenomenon? … More Learning From History