Grab Some Happiness

When you are poor in a poor country there are many things which will kill you prematurely.  Stress is likely the prevailing, but not the only culprit. Right now the Coronavirus Pandemic response is becoming a major issue for millions around the world, increasing food insecurity and hunger as well as having a negative impact … More Grab Some Happiness

Christmas Now and When

One of my favourite sanctuaries in Phnom Penh is a restaurant with a secluded garden terrace on a corner.  I first came here in January 2014 with Mum and Ruth, attracted by the leafy entrance as we wandered past one evening.  Today a noisy construction site on the opposite corner destroys the ambience somewhat.  I … More Christmas Now and When

This Thing We Could Do

Study after study by psychologists has shown that there is no correlation between wealth and happiness. The only exception is in cases of real poverty, when extra income does relieve suffering and brings security. But once our basic material needs are satisfied, our level of income makes little difference to our level of happiness. Research … More This Thing We Could Do

The New Me

I don’t intend to do much shopping while I am here.  There’s nothing I need and as I am travelling for the following year I don’t have the room to collect stuff.  I am not very “stuff” oriented anyway, and I’d prefer to spend my money on collecting memories and contributing to important things, rather … More The New Me