Anti-Public Health

Some vaccines can cause Antibody Dependent Enhancement. The biggest window for risk is when the vaccine titres are dropping. So we may have enhanced disease and enhanced replication starting at around 5 to 6 months after receiving the shots. There is emerging information in the Israeli database suggesting that might be the case. Then we … More Anti-Public Health

Pandemic Proportions

More than 200 respiratory viruses are responsible for what is colloquially called “the common cold”. All of them are seasonal to some degree. Enveloped viruses (so called because they are surrounded by an envelope of lipid) peak in winter because the cold dry air provides an optimal environment for viral transmission. Heat, humidity and possibly … More Pandemic Proportions

An Interesting Picture

It is now over a month since Cambodia reported their last case of Coronavirus.  They currently sit at 122 cases, 122 recoveries and 0 deaths.  Nevertheless, messages of the grim reaper coming continue from various sources.  The grim reaper certainly will come but perhaps not by actual Coronavirus, and rather by Coronavirus fears.  As a … More An Interesting Picture

Complex and Confusing

Until now Cambodia has had minimal Coronavirus infections.  Today’s count sits at a total of 121 cases and 0 deaths.  However in the face of two different clusters with contact tracing becoming more complex, and hindered by a reluctance of some cases to share the information needed to track their close contacts, Khmer New Year … More Complex and Confusing

Flattening the Fake News

Most of us have seen this curve by now, which explains in a single diagram why it’s important to practice the public health recommendations of staying away from each other as much as possible, washing our hands frequently and practicing proper cough etiquette. This picture looks different for different populations right now.  Italy, Spain and … More Flattening the Fake News

An Epidemic of Panic

A global epidemic is currently rocking humanity’s sanity.  Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2, shortened to SARS-CoV-2, is the official name for the virus that causes the disease known as Covid19.  The virus is genetically related to two previous Coronavirus outbreaks. SARS first caused global panic in 2003.  That outbreak lasted from November 2002 until July … More An Epidemic of Panic