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It is now over a month since Cambodia reported their last case of Coronavirus.  They currently sit at 122 cases, 122 recoveries and 0 deaths.  Nevertheless, messages of the grim reaper coming continue from various sources.  The grim reaper certainly will come but perhaps not by actual Coronavirus, and rather by Coronavirus fears.  As a single example, over 6 million extra cases of tuberculosis and 1.4 million extra TB-related deaths have been predicted globally, mostly in the poor world, across the next five years.  This is directly related to Coronavirus, due to economic suffering leading to hunger and malnutrition, combined with disruptions to usual TB services as they are taken over by pandemic response.

Researchers at Beihang and Tsinghua universities in Beijing have presented an unpublished  draft paper titled High Temperature and High Humidity Reduce the Transmission of Covid-19 in which these maps show modeled predictions of virus transmission rates across the globe according to time of year (March vs July, with high rates in red and low rates in green).  The authors explain that temperature and relative humidity are not the only factors influencing suggested seasonality, and that social distancing and hygiene remain important everywhere.

Global reproductive rate combined months

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