Disease Detecting

As of today, the Coronavirus pandemic in the UK seems out of control. Everyone is talking about it. Nationwide lockdowns have been imposed, mass testing of the city of Liverpool by the military is underway, anti-lockdown protests are breaking out and there are hundreds of Covid-diagnosed deaths everyday. If you Google “Coronavirus UK” this graph … More Disease Detecting

That Triangle Again

As well as the often-mentioned “R Naught” number there is a “K Distribution” number used in Epidemiology which seems particularly important in transmission of SARS-CoV-2.  These mathematical terms are simplified by the below diagrams.  Where “R0” describes the average transmission distribution from infected case to susceptible contacts, “K” describes the variance, or pattern, of virus … More That Triangle Again

The Mask Maze

One of the first and funniest encounters I had with use of face masks for potentially infectious patients was in 1999 when the hospital ward I worked on accommodated two elderly sisters from a very remote community in northern Australia, who were thought to possibly have Tuberculosis (as it turned out they did not).  Because … More The Mask Maze

Age of Uncertainty

A report in the New York Times yesterday suggests that there is now evidence of Covid-19 transmitting faster in cold, dry climates and slower in warm, humid climates. Warmer Weather May Slow, but Not Halt Coronavirus by Knvul Sheikh and Ernesto Londono, dated March 22, 2020, discusses a study conducted by researchers at Massachusetts Institute … More Age of Uncertainty