Professor Sunetra Gupta

She is one of the most calm, common sense filled voices of reason and established public health practice throughout this crisis. Here she speaks with a Swedish podcaster for half an hour on her epidemiology and immunology research, the impact of lockdowns compared with focused protection of the vulnerable, herd immunity, the ad hominem attacks … More Professor Sunetra Gupta

Disease Detecting

As of today, the Coronavirus pandemic in the UK seems out of control. Everyone is talking about it. Nationwide lockdowns have been imposed, mass testing of the city of Liverpool by the military is underway, anti-lockdown protests are breaking out and there are hundreds of Covid-diagnosed deaths everyday. If you Google “Coronavirus UK” this graph … More Disease Detecting

Interviews Worth Hearing

Anders Tegnell is chief epidemiologist with the Swedish Public Health Agency. Unlike many western countries whose health departments respond directly to elected ministers, Swedish law does not allow political intervention in agency decision making. This lack of ministerial rule seems to explain why evidence based pandemic plans were followed with minimal controversy in Sweden. Much … More Interviews Worth Hearing

Face Mask Policies: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good: A Great Read Available at Taylor & Francis Online, “Critical Public Health is an international journal publishing innovative research into public health and health promotion, including health and policy issues“. According to Wikipedia “Critical Public Health is a quarterly peer-reviewed public health journal. It was established in 1979 as Radical Community Medicine, obtaining … More Face Mask Policies: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly