Babies Needing Blood Transfusions

Will Savage is a four month old twin born in New Zealand with severe pulmonary valve stenosis requiring urgent heart surgery. His mother knew something was wrong, but was repeatedly told “it’s just reflux”. She insisted, and he had two echocardiograms which showed no abnormalities. She continued to worry and upon her insistence a third echocardiogram finally detected severe pulmonary valve stenosis.

Narrowing of the pulmonary valve means that blood traveling from the heart out to the lungs to pick up more oxygen, has to be pushed through the narrow opening. This forces the right side of the heart to work hard, and can result in risk of abnormal heart rhythms and eventual heart failure. Cardiac surgery to stretch the valve open reduces these life threatening risks. While surgery is underway, a bypass machine is used to keep blood pumping through the body, and this requires donor blood.

Will’s parents Sam and Cole have done a lot of research and decided that the blood he will require should be free of lipid nanoparticles, mRNA and spike protein which may be active in “vaccinated blood”. The New Zealand Blood Bank do not screen for these substances, so “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated” donor blood are not differentiated.

What’s The Issue With Blood From Vaccinated Donors?

Parental Concerns About Covid-Vaccinated Blood Donations: Response to Dr Nikki Turner.

Around 30 appropriate donors have offered to donate their blood for Will’s surgery but the doctors involved are refusing to allow this, insisting that the blood bank supplies are perfectly safe.

They do not know this to be the case and they are surely not reviewing available evidence to the contrary. For example:

  1. The lipid nanoparticles per European Medicines Agency Comirnaty Assessment Report p53-54 “we can expect a half-life approximating 20-30 days in human for ALC-0315 and 4-5 months for 95% elimination of the lipid (Mahmood et al, 2010)“.
  2. These lipids are capable of crossing human membranes including the blood-brain barrier, and also travel to the liver, spleen and heart, per Pfizer Biodistribution Study.
  3. Spike protein without other viral proteins found in brain and heart on autopsy, showing vaccine associated inflammation as cause of death.

Decent and competent people in journalism, legal and medical disciplines are supporting the family as they seek resolution. Mainstream media with direct ties via public funding to the pharmaceutical industry – a direct consequence of World Economic Forum public-private partnership practices – continue to label these people all manner of derogatory names.

Baby Will Update 29 November

A criminal that is in charge of something will legalise his crime, so that when the crime is perpetrated, it is legal … This is a crime against this baby, being perpetrated by adults …“. ~ Cole Savage

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