History Repeats

Dr Naomi Wolf, Yale graduate and Rhodes scholar, author and journalist, gives evidence to the Corona Ausschuss, here. She articulately describes the role of multiple agendas from very bad actors in today’s crisis. We have been invaded without a single bullet having been fired. Our liberties have not been removed because of a virus which … More History Repeats

Looking Beyond Lockdowns

In the space of a single year, after circulating in the human transmission chain for millennia in a cyclical pattern of “good season”/”bad season”, influenza has all but completely disappeared from the globe. Since early 2020 specific nations continue to be hailed for their successful lockdown policies keeping populations safe from Covid-19, whilst other nations … More Looking Beyond Lockdowns

Public Health vs Panic

Last year the World Health Organisation’s Global Influenza Programme published Non-pharmaceutical public health measures for mitigating the risk and impact of epidemic and pandemic influenza.  Coronavirus is not an influenza but it is a respiratory virus with similar genetic material, similar transmission with epidemic/pandemic potential and similar human illness, so this document is highly relevant … More Public Health vs Panic