Looking Beyond Lockdowns

In the space of a single year, after circulating in the human transmission chain for millennia in a cyclical pattern of “good season”/”bad season”, influenza has all but completely disappeared from the globe. Since early 2020 specific nations continue to be hailed for their successful lockdown policies keeping populations safe from Covid-19, whilst other nations have failed due to alleged poor lockdown implementation or “bad behaviour”. Herd immunity is not considered a possibility and frequently described incorrectly as a murderous strategy rather than the natural endpoint to any epidemic. Yet prior to the record breaking development of a SARS-CoV-2 test made available in January 2020 under dubious circumstances, the below happened in 2019. Are these patterns connected in some way to the Covid-19 pandemic?

Lockdown Leader : China

Mask Wearing Champion : Japan

Illustrious Lockdowner : Western Australia

Lockdown Gold Medalist : New Zealand

Four times as many Aucklanders suffering from flu-like symptoms:
7 July 2019

The number of Aucklanders going to the doctor with flu-like symptoms is almost four times higher than usual, with tests showing about 65 per cent of those people do have influenza.

But if you’re watching your colleagues cough and splutter and are wondering about getting the flu vaccine, you may be too late, with the national stockpile already exhausted.

The latest figures from the Institute of Environment Science and Research show the number of people in the Auckland District Health Board area going to the doctor with an influenza-like illness was 171 per 100,000 people in the week ending June 23.

That’s compared with the historic national average of 46.1 for the same week in previous years.

This one hour interview from Canada : Medical Censorship and Harms of Lockdowns – An exclusive interview with 3 Frontline doctors discusses the issues of silencing, academic repercussions and stigmatisation of those speaking out against the mainstream narrative, for justice in the context of Covid measures and their impact against societies. “When I started to see this wave of patients who missed their cancer screenings during the first lockdown, and I found many patients riddled with Stage 4 cancer. It was at that point that I realised, we are doing something wrong here. This was when I realised I needed to speak out about the harms of these lockdowns“. Compare these three young doctors risking everything to speak out, with the new US Surgeon General’s Covid-related financial disclosures.

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