Doctors in Discussion

Doctors Matt Shelton and Emanuel Garcia are two founding members of New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science who dare not to remain anonymous despite the Mafia establishment threatening them and thousands of other doctors across the globe who have risked their rights to practice by speaking out. They had this chat together recently. Apparently … More Doctors in Discussion

Red Remembrance Day

Tuesday 15 November 2022 was the one year anniversary of the imposition of the New Zealand government’s vaccine mandates which attempted to enforce a “vaccine passport” digital ID system upon the nation. At this time one section of society became extremely enriched via government money, complying with elation at the bounties on offer. Another section … More Red Remembrance Day

Murder, They Wrote

Always remember: 1) These people are very “normal” and just keeping us “safe”, so make sure you comply with all their “rulz”. 2) These people are “fringe conspiracy theorists” removed from reality and holding “dangerous views” and so definitely don’t listen to anything they say, to keep yourself “safe”. For those interested in more detail … More Murder, They Wrote

Do You Hope to Have Babies?

If you hope to have babies then it’s worth listening to Dr Matt Shelton, probably the most credible medical doctor in the New Zealand public eye at this terrible point in time. Most New Zealanders are unwittingly taking their advice from sources approved by a guy who has been servicing the pharmaceutical industry for decades. This type of corruption is insidious and happening everywhere at the same time. … More Do You Hope to Have Babies?

The First To Fall

“Generally most people who die are expected to die … But what is different is the number of young people dying in their sleep. Dropping dead. Within one, two, three days, seven days, of the vaccine …We have no doubt. There is something really bad going on… We’re not saying that the vaccine killed these … More The First To Fall