NZ Media Step Up to the Plate

Some of the recommendations made in the recent World Council for Health report, Rejecting Monopoly Power Over Public Health, relate specifically to ownership and influence of media. The past three years have shown how strong the conflicted influence of monopolised media can be; and how they will do anything to keep their funding, even if it risks the health of people and the democratic values of society.

Civilians have been offered powerful and prestigious positions as “disinformation police” in what were once democratic nations founded upon the value of free expression and ideas exchange. These individuals have taken ownership of “the truth” and been aggressive in their censorship and smear campaigns against anyone not complying with the government’s “single source of truth”. Comparisons with the worst governments in history are hard to avoid and the crimes against humanity taking place could not have occurred without the planned establishment of “fact checker” services, “trusted news initiative” sources, academics and public servants willing to sell their souls to a corrupt agenda, and departments focused on “preventing disinformation”. The experience of this dystopian world from the perspective of a group of New Zealand doctors is described in this recent article.

A few New Zealand media personalities were early to speak out and some have now established their own independent outlets. FreeNZ, Operation People and Reality Check Radio are three examples. Television personality Peter Williams features in a recent documentary, Silenced (which has been censored from the Vimeo platform), as another who refused to comply.

A recent interview on Reality Check Radio between Dr Emanuel (Manny) Garcia of NZDSOS and host Paul Brennan provides an excellent overview of the shared experiences of so many on the receiving end of this dystopia, including the power and mafiosi-style tactics of regulatory authorities destroying the careers of those who critique evidence and come up with conclusions which differ from government falsehoods. For example the idea that an airborne respiratory virus could be eliminated from the environment [if only everyone obeys the rules], which was always ridiculous. As history shows, this strategy failed miserably, proving Dr Garcia to be right.

Dr Garcia was not prepared for the subversion of professional common sense principles of medicine: first do no harm; individualised treatment; informed consent. The Medical Council of NZ have behaved absurdly to undermine the rights of doctors. A GP known to Dr Garcia attended her doctor to check that all medical procedures, including vaccination, needed both parents’ approval, and this was levelled against her by the MCNZ. He discusses other examples of these mafiosi tactics, the fear people are experiencing because of it, the strange decisions which have been made against evidence by secret committees influencing product approvals, the difficulties that the health system is now facing, the psychological purpose and impact of face masks, harms of lockdowns, and other relevant pandemic issues, with a calm and intelligent rationale.

Another equally calm and rational doctor is Matt Shelton, also of NZDSOS, who recently threw his hat in the political ring. These doctors have surrendered their careers in the name of protecting human rights and medical ethics against the fascistic merging of political and corporate power. Historically corporate power has usually won, as this two minute documentary shows.

Beyond NZ there are many thousands of media outlets giving a voice to doctors refusing to toe the corporate line.

Dr Ryan Cole continues to speak basic, ethical sense against corporate interests who have tried aggressively to crush him. He makes the science easy to understand, explaining how the latest medical products forced upon most populations** are causing health harms, in this recent interview with independent news host, Kim Iversen.

[** With the exception of most of Africa, who have not experienced a pandemic but are now showing widespread antibodies, meaning the virus swept through as an infection with minimal disease despite ongoing attempts to force these products onto them en masse: reasons for which have everything to do with the burgeoning pandemic industry and nothing to do with health protection].

The Canadian government have tried to crush immunologist/nuclear medicine physician Dr William Makis too, and he continues to speak out in an attempt to halt the disaster taking place.

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