Allowing Conversations

Last night at Camp Freedom in Wellington: New Zealand journalist Liz Gunn has been at The Beehive again recently, interviewing everyday people who have traveled to Wellington to protest against vaccine mandates. Ten minutes with Mel from Oamaru was extremely resonant, eloquently conveying an intensity that millions worldwide have either endured or fallen foul of. … More Allowing Conversations

Futures and Freedoms

Joachim Kuhs, German Member of the European Parliament, made a parliamentary plea on 29 September 2021 which can be heard at this link, on behalf of those injured by the experimental Covid vaccines. As is now customary, his reputation has no doubt since been fact-checked by media giants.

Trusted News Initiative

I got “fact checked” yesterday by a nurse who claimed to have read my latest Panda article about human ecosystems. She didn’t have anything to say about the information in the article, but informed me that she utterly disapproved of me “using your qualifications to work with Panda”. This came as a surprise because my … More Trusted News Initiative

Undermining Reality

In the past few days I made the mistake of getting involved in a “discussion” on Facebook, in which I was accused of not understanding outbreak control. By people unable to provide a single piece of research literature supporting their entrenched stance that “lockdowns work” as an epidemic control measure. Someone challenged me to “prove” … More Undermining Reality