Allowing Conversations

Last night at Camp Freedom in Wellington:

New Zealand journalist Liz Gunn has been at The Beehive again recently, interviewing everyday people who have traveled to Wellington to protest against vaccine mandates. Ten minutes with Mel from Oamaru was extremely resonant, eloquently conveying an intensity that millions worldwide have either endured or fallen foul of. “It’s joyful. It’s beautiful. It’s peaceful. I haven’t seen or witnessed any of what the media have portrayed this to be“. Equally heartfelt is Gunn’s twenty minutes with Kira and Wyeth: “How can you be jeering at people who have been affected? Their lives destroyed. Absolutely destroyed …”.

Democrat party representative Tulsi Gabbard spoke at a Conservative Political Action Conference in Florida, on the “heresy” of holding anti-authority views. “I’ve got to believe that Thomas Jefferson was thinking about these cowardly, fearful leaders when he said ‘They prefer the calm of despotism to the boisterous sea of liberty. They’re afraid of the freedom that empowers each and everyone of us to seek the truth, to speak freely, to question their decisions, and their authority“.

Republican Governor Ron De Santis at the same conference discussed freedom, free speech and courage in the face of cancel culture. “In 2021 Florida set an all-time record for domestic tourism coming into our state. And those record numbers include a number of lockdown politicians. Who lock down their own people. Restrict their own people. Mandate. Governors, mayors, big TV hosts. They criticise Florida and the first chance they get, what do they do? They escape to Florida!“.

This four minute video shows the manipulation of statistics.

With Big Tech “fact checks” recognised as merely “third party opinions”, it’s interesting to learn of the conflicts of interest involved.

Link to the article

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