Lockdown Baby

He wants to cry but all of his energy is focused on drawing in air desperately. Unfortunately I can’t share video footage here, or you would see an exhausted baby in severe respiratory distress. Noone in his community of displaced landless fishermen, who live on small boats or in shacks made of junk on the … More Lockdown Baby

Crisis of Bias

Dr Hodgkinson spoke for five minutes on 13 November 2020 to government officials at a public services committee in Alberta. Since then he has been accused of calling Covid-19 a hoax. His “hoax” reference was in fact specific to the pandemic response by media and politicians. Last month he gave an interview, where he speaks … More Crisis of Bias

So Hard to Watch

The UK are being dragged into a socio-economic crisis bigger than anything they have seen since World War 2, and for what reason? Mental health, food supply chains, unemployment, a widening wealth divide, health care access crisis, and so many other seemingly insurmountable issues are crashing down simultaneously on this nation. Some of the reasons … More So Hard to Watch

Wicked Problems and Collective Impact

Wicked problems appear impossible to solve. They are complex, long-standing, seemingly intractable, and there are divergent opinions about the ways to address them. Wicked problems do not occur in a vacuum. They are enmeshed in wider social, cultural and political issues. Typically, governments and other organizations attempt to fix wicked problems through a particular lens … More Wicked Problems and Collective Impact

Pandemic Patterns

On December 10, 2020, Dr Clare Craig, Diagnostic Pathologist, addressed a large gathering of concerned parents about Covid testing, T-Cell immunity and the testing of children and young people. Below is the video of her opening address and my summary notes. Whilst she speaks from a specifically UK perspective, it is important to consider the … More Pandemic Patterns

Pandemic PCR Problems

In 2009 I had a very strange, quite traumatic work experience. I was part of a public health team who provided a local response to the Swine Flu (H1N1/09) pandemic. Our usual outbreak response of calm, critical thought following planned, evidence-based practice was overridden by media and political histrionics. It took place over a number … More Pandemic PCR Problems