The Spirit of Science

Nick Hudson, founder of PANDA, sat down with Clare Craig for a chat about the pandemic a couple of days ago. Two rational, ethical scientists both locked down and using their time to deploy skills in proper analysis and communication.

The first half of this discussion may be more technical than some can handle, although the information is invaluable if you want to understand epidemiology, testing issues and pandemic patterns. In about the last third they discuss such things as social impacts of lockdown, what their fears are for the future, political agendas, power and conspiracies. The Spirit of Science

In another interview with Dr Roger Hodkinson, he rightfully states that the essence of progress is debate and dialogue, rather than dictating dogma from on high. Dr Hodkinson, based in Canada, is being silenced by mainstream media and institutions which completely baffles me given that all he does, is speak with knowledge and common sense on matters of public health.

Professor Karol Sikora, an English oncologist, has also stated that he receives vile abuse for daring to speak against the government’s pandemic response. He describes in Covid has turned cancer treatment upside down, the devastating health consequences of lockdown as it has played out in the United Kingdom.

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