Braves and Bandits

It is seventeen months since the Great Barrington Declaration was authored by Professors Gupta, Bhattacharya and Kulldorff. Lockdown policies continue to this day, with what appears to be majority support, although shifting somewhat despite the ongoing mass media single truth messaging. Emergency Physician Dr Joseph Fraiman made this public apology to the three authors of … More Braves and Bandits

Recording the Right Side of History

The US state of Florida, perhaps even more than Sweden, has upset the Lockdown Applecart. Ron DeSantis vs The “Party of Science”, written by Christina Pushaw, summarises the politics, opportunism and deceit of people using the pandemic for personal gain and the ways in which DeSantis has been maligned for following established public health rather … More Recording the Right Side of History

More From Leading Public Health Experts

Michael Levitt, a Nobel Laureate award winning scientist at Stanford University, who has been monitoring the pandemic since before it was international news, speaking about his experience on yesterday’s Roundtable session led by Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida: “… Online with Governor DeSantis was my first interaction with Jay Battacharya and Martin Kulldorff. I have … More More From Leading Public Health Experts