Braves and Bandits

It is seventeen months since the Great Barrington Declaration was authored by Professors Gupta, Bhattacharya and Kulldorff. Lockdown policies continue to this day, with what appears to be majority support, although shifting somewhat despite the ongoing mass media single truth messaging.

Emergency Physician Dr Joseph Fraiman made this public apology to the three authors of the Great Barrington Declaration.

This is from a roundtable “The Curtain Close on Covid Theatre“, hosted by Governor De Santis in Florida (it starts at 10m50s). It was a great discussion led by this Dream Team.

Dr Joseph Ladapo – Florida Surgeon General. “…The issue of my lifetime in terms of this incredible challenge or battle we have between individual rights and individual choice and truth on one side, and really overarching powers, overarching government, abuse of power, abuse of data, dishonesty and frankly a lot of unethical behaviour on the other side…”

Ron De Santis – “The good thing about having Joe as Surgeon General, I really don’t have to supervise his daily activities. If CNN is attacking him then I know he’s doing the right thing, and so I can just use that as my barometer“.

Link to 101 New Zealand Vaccine Stories

A similar film out of Europe is also in production, Just a Jab: The Flip Side of the Vaccination, by Mario Nieswandt and Luis Hill.

Data analyst Joel Smalley’s The entire New Zealand mortality story in one chart is brief but informative. Smalley has worked with the likes of Dr Tess Lawrie and Robert F Kennedy Jr.

A New Zealand musician speaking from The Beehive on his reasons for and experience of being at the anti-mandate protest. “I came down because of the difference I was seeing from friends’ lives versus what I was seeing in the media …“.

Agustin Carstens, Bank of International Settlements (ie World Bank) General Manager, has globalist goals that I don’t consent to. “We tend to establish equivalence with cash … In cash, we don’t know for example who is using a $100 bill today, we don’t know who is using a 1,000 peso bill today. A key difference with the CBDC, is that Central Bank will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of that expression of Central Bank liability. And also we will have the technology to enforce that“. It’s already been practiced on truckies in Canada and oligarchs in Russia. We’re all in the same queue and the technology aka “vaccine passports” are primed. Fun times ahead unless we oppose it now.

Listen to those warning us. At this link alone you can hear Catherine Austin-Fitts, Mads Palsvig, Mark Thornton, Martin Armstrong and other financial advisors, all saying the same thing. Irish investor Melissa Ciummei is another. “They’re not vaccine passports. They’re data passports. They are participation passports … This is about a financial reset … We are very close to this because of compliance … “. Use cash. Trash the obedience passport. Peaceful civil disobedience.

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