Eye Is For Ice

This week I lost my housemate and friend to Bangladesh, where she will work with the Rohingya refugees escaping indescribable violence in Rakhine State across the border in Myanmar.  We spoke a lot about them and about Cambodia before she left.  It always looped back to ourselves, our appreciation for our extreme luck of birth … More Eye Is For Ice


When I lived in Kampong Cham during the two years between 2013 to 2015 there was one swimming pool in this town, about 5 metres long and knee-deep, belonging to a local hotel.  In the past two years two swimming pools have appeared here.  “The Chinese” built a large town pool complex with four different … More Perspectives

La Buena Vida

It’s proving hard to find inspiration for my blog right now.  But lots of interesting things are happening so I’ll try and do a travel blog just to keep the page alive.  I’m not especially inspired so be warned :). I’m writing this from Leon in north-west Spain, where I’m spending time with “the Spaniards” … More La Buena Vida

Cambodian Rosë

Just a quick funny to demonstrate the service you sometimes receive here.  Most if not all of the wait staff in restaurants along the riverfront in Kampong Cham are young villagers who have been employed because they have some level of English, which can range from a skerrick to fluent.  They earn between $80 to … More Cambodian Rosë

Attacked by a chicken

About half a million of Cambodia’s 15 million population are employed in the garment factory industry.  These workers make around $80 per month.  Export from this industry earns the Cambodian economy around $5 billion per year.  In recent times garment workers have been lobbying for a pay rise to $160 per month.  Today at least … More Attacked by a chicken