Magical Madness

Kristen Nagle was a neonatal intensive care nurse who lost her job for speaking out at an anti-lockdown rally. She has since been painted (of course) by mainstream media as a crazy anti-vaxxa. Unfazed, she is also a founding member of Canadian Frontline Nurses who promote medical freedom and ethics, and she is one of … More Magical Madness

Echoes of Mengele

Claire Deeks, New Zealand lawyer and spokesperson of Voices for Freedom in New Zealand, interviewed Dr Reiner Fuellmich three weeks ago. Among many points of relevance Fuellmich discusses the takeover of mainstream media which has occurred over the twelve years since 2009 when the last pandemic swindle was halted in time. He says that had … More Echoes of Mengele

Modern Day Book Burning

Decent public health has been destroyed by appalling journalism. Centralised media conglomerates control a consensus viewpoint, convincing the general public with ease. One example of many is an article published yesterday in a leading NZ newspaper owned by Fairfax Media, a major owner of newspapers, magazines, radio and digital media across Australasia. The ease with … More Modern Day Book Burning

Media Servings

An interesting lesson for me in 2020 was recognising the role that mainstream media play in impacting our responses significantly.  Months ago when I turned off all mainstream news it led me to Twitter, where I somehow discovered various scientists, sociologists, analysts etc, discussing things on a more even level that didn’t promote fear and … More Media Servings