Magical Madness

Kristen Nagle was a neonatal intensive care nurse who lost her job for speaking out at an anti-lockdown rally. She has since been painted (of course) by mainstream media as a crazy anti-vaxxa. Unfazed, she is also a founding member of Canadian Frontline Nurses who promote medical freedom and ethics, and she is one of the bravest people I’ve seen. Taking “frontline” literally, she has been at protests in Ottawa over recent weeks and sharing her own video footage of events such as this from yesterday.

She also challenges mainstream media on the damaging role they play, destroying innocent lives and destroying society. For a pay check.

The Corona Investigative Committee’s Grand Jury Day 4 is available in its entirety at Injections and Psychological Warfare. Again, the expert testimonies are all extremely informative. The first three hours include presentations from a range of medical scientists (geneticists, microbiologists, pathologists, toxicologists), on the Covid-19 injections including their mode of action, the clinical trial data and evidence around adverse events being seen, including autopsy findings. Some debates ensue throughout, on medical ethics and responsibilities of health care workers involved in promoting these pharmaceutical products.

The final two hours of Day 4 focus on the psychological phenomena experienced globally through this crisis, with evidence from psychology experts. A life coach who works with victims of psychological abuse, Meredith Miller speaks for about 20 minutes. Her expertise is “recognising the red flags of emotional abuse”. She describes two psychological phenomena: cognitive dissonance and Stockholm Syndrome. “The perpetrator will make sure their victim does not have access to outside perspectives. This keeps the person completely subscribed to that narrativeIn order to control a person’s outside exposure, what have we seen? We’ve seen censorship, silencing, propaganda, fact-checking, shaming and smearing anybody providing that outside perspective“.

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