Picking in Provence

Picking grapes? Picking lavender? Picking olives? No! Picking whether or not to be here. Talk about a First World Problem! There are castles on hilltops at every turn and churchbells ring out on the half hour from medieval spires reaching into blue skies.  Ancient Roman cities recently discovered under layers of soil sit on display … More Picking in Provence

El Pais on Tuberculosis in Cambodia

In the past year two different Spanish journalists passed through the TB Department in Kampong Cham, reporting in El Pais, one of Spain’s leading daily newspapers, about Medecins Sans Frontiere’s work.  The earlier report dated 22 October 2014, “Cambodia Advances in the Fight Against Tuberculosis” by Ana Salva, is longer and more difficult to copy … More El Pais on Tuberculosis in Cambodia

Falling Through Gaps

While it’s not health systems that save populations, but healthy and equitable economies allowing a decent standard of living for most if not all, I still like this quote by Dr Paul Farmer.  He is the founder of Partners in Health (PIH), a Non-Government Organisation who work in the poorest parts of the world, having … More Falling Through Gaps

New Beginnings

Today I had my first contact with someone in Australia introducing me to the beginnings of what I hope will not be a quagmire of red tape around trying to raise desperately needed funds for our small but functional home of 12 HIV orphans.  This evening I visited the children and had my arms draped … More New Beginnings

Templed Out

The other night we went to Sandan Restaurant in Sihanoukville for dinner. Very young apprentice waiters and waitresses, many quite hesitant and nervous, served us under the watchful eye of a slightly older, more confident and experienced young supervisor.  Occasionally the apprentices would approach us independently and occasionally the supervisor would accompany them to our … More Templed Out