Project Update

A regular Cambodian sensation is that of being a ball of molten lava on legs.  Thankfully this is the time of year when on most days, at somewhere between 4pm and 6pm, the rolling cumulo-nimbus clouds burst open and a cataclysm of water plummets from the sky, cooling everything down almost immediately.  Construction workers have … More Project Update

Dilemma of Departure

Most evenings I sit in a particular spot beside the Mekong River watching the evening cruisers go by on their variously populated motorbikes as I sip a glass of white wine.  That’s a $2 luxury I can afford to spend on myself among the billions of other luxuries I take for granted in this lucky … More Dilemma of Departure

La Buena Vida

It’s proving hard to find inspiration for my blog right now.  But lots of interesting things are happening so I’ll try and do a travel blog just to keep the page alive.  I’m not especially inspired so be warned :). I’m writing this from Leon in north-west Spain, where I’m spending time with “the Spaniards” … More La Buena Vida

Foie Gras and Truffle

Charlie Pickering presented a very funny satire about Australian foreign aid on The Weekly last week (ABC (Australia) television), which has been doing the rounds on Facebook.  On average, a group of polled Australians believe that 16% of our gross national income is spent on foreign aid.  These same people, probably influenced by the political … More Foie Gras and Truffle