A Plug for Phter Koma

Phter Koma have a new website!


Thanks to Amber, the daughter of a good friend of mine, who is extremely clever at building websites.  Not only did she create the page but she also donated the page costs to us.  Thanks, Amber!

This is in addition to the French website which has been in existence since Phter Koma’s inception.  At our Board of Directors meeting earlier this year, requests were made for a specific English speaking website, directed at our Cambodian organisation.  The French Association, La Maison des Enfants, our main partner and donors, are a separate but connected entity who exist purely for the purposes of providing funds, support and advice to Phter Koma Kampong Cham.  Their website is www.phter-koma.org.

We are looking for volunteer(s) interested in teaching English +/- other skills to 15 children during the Cambodian summer holidays, which are six to eight weeks through September into October.  Native English speakers are highly prized, teaching experience can be gained during your time with us.  Resources which I used during my time are available for use and I can provide advice and support from afar.  The Director and Educator based at Phter Koma speak English and are very supportive.  You will need to have all of the child-safe checks and pay your own costs.  Having volunteered there myself for about eight months, I can recommend it as a highly rewarding experience.  I’m happy to answer any questions potential volunteers may have.

We are also constantly on the look-out for donors.  Our budget is very constrained, we even hope to find assistance with our rice supplies.  The children have to be clothed, fed, school fees paid, etc.  The house is very small for 15 children and has recently been placed on the market so we need to find a new rental home which will probably increase the budget substantially.  It is a constant stress for us, but very small amounts in western terms can make a big difference in Cambodia, so all donations will be gratefully received.

You can read about us, the work we do, the ways your donation can help, and see some great, happy photographs, at our new website.  Due to the stigma that HIV carries with it, the photographs are de-identified to protect the children’s privacy.  You’ll also find a donations button if you would like to become a donor.  We are a registered charity in Cambodia, USA and France.

We also have a Facebook page which is regularly updated – the link is on our website.

2 thoughts on “A Plug for Phter Koma

  1. Good luck re the volunteers to teach & also for donations. A really good cause. Hate to think what the future would hold for those poor kids without the good work done there.


    1. The problem being, there are so many good causes out there. It’s hard for the Cambodians to comprehend from their world, just how often those in the rich world are approached with requests for assistance. Almost as hard as it is for us to comprehend how much need exists in the poor world!


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