Trusted News Initiative

I got “fact checked” yesterday by a nurse who claimed to have read my latest Panda article about human ecosystems. She didn’t have anything to say about the information in the article, but informed me that she utterly disapproved of me “using your qualifications to work with Panda”. This came as a surprise because my … More Trusted News Initiative

Vanquishing Variants

Do we need to fear different variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus? One of the most basic concepts students of Virology learn is that virus mutation is an evolutionary process which affects a virus’ chances of survival. Lethal viruses render their hosts too unwell for human contact, limiting the virus’ ability for ongoing transmission. Milder viruses, … More Vanquishing Variants

Evidence and Epicurves

Donald Henderson was an American Epidemiologist who led the World Health Organisation campaign that eradicated Smallpox.  This was a highly infectious disease with airborne transmission (meaning fine particles that remain suspended in the air for significant periods of time after they’ve been coughed out) as well as other transmission routes.  A comprehensive overview of the … More Evidence and Epicurves