Can We Talk About It?

Since mid-2020 when the frailest of society were left to languish without the human contact that their survival relies upon, I have had an image of powerful criminals with a heartless agenda sitting in mansions, laughing. Gleeful at their escalating personal wealth and power as people who should have known better but blinded by the fear drummed into them, imposed insane and cruel rules under a guise of “public health”.

It would seem that these images were probably far more accurate than I could have ever believed, as emerging outrages suggest. For example Midazolam (UK) (and perhaps New Zealand?) and Remdesivir-ventilator (US), described by many including Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell who first raised the alarm about ventilation; Dr Russell Blaylock, Dr Paul Marik, lawyer Thomas Renz and lawyer Michael Senger.

Now, with millions of “vaccine” injured persistently ignored, neglected, their existence denied, labelled “misinformers” and aggressively censored, I continue to have an image of criminals gleeful that their fear still convinces normally good people to follow a monstrous agenda. Details of the bizarre sociopathy promoting this are only coming to light now, for example the puffed-up pageantry that overly-powerful racketeers engage in frequently.

Dr Michael Nevradakis of Children’s Health Defense and human rights activist / medical freedom advocate Aga Wilson interviewed two Covid “vaccine” injured recently, to highlight a new campaign “Can We Talk About It”, in an attempt to raise awareness of the damage being done.

Cat has narcolepsy, tinnitus and early onset Parkinsons Disease. “I am a shell of what I used to be“. Neurodegenerative conditions are predicted to increase at higher rates and younger ages, by scientists such as Dr Stephanie Seneff at MIT.

Mother and early childhood educator, Brianne participated in an Astra-Zeneca trial last year and now lives with a neurological disorder. She was ignored by trial investigators, has received no support, and is now in hundreds of thousands of dollars of health care debt. The censorship and attacks that the “vaccine” injured face have led to extreme isolation, despair and suicides. “It’s something I wish I’d never experienced. But had I not experienced it, I would have been blind to it“.

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