PANDA to the Rescue

PANDA are a multidisciplinary group of scientists and professionals who have been trying to grapple with the bad science characterising the public policy response to Covid-19. Starting with a small group of South African actuaries and doctors, very early on they spoke out about the negative consequences of lockdown which were not being considered by … More PANDA to the Rescue

Four Germans Sitting in a Room, Then The Telephone Rings

It seems I’m listening to many courageous people who receive no air time on mainstream media and are therefore considered charlatans and/or conspiracists. Their varied roles include advisors to big pharmaceutical companies, medical consultants with national health services, senior pathologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, pharmacologists, sociologists, psychologists, geneticists, mathematicians, researchers and professors at top universities in a … More Four Germans Sitting in a Room, Then The Telephone Rings

Disease Detecting

As of today, the Coronavirus pandemic in the UK seems out of control. Everyone is talking about it. Nationwide lockdowns have been imposed, mass testing of the city of Liverpool by the military is underway, anti-lockdown protests are breaking out and there are hundreds of Covid-diagnosed deaths everyday. If you Google “Coronavirus UK” this graph … More Disease Detecting