PANDA to the Rescue

PANDA are a multidisciplinary group of scientists and professionals who have been trying to grapple with the bad science characterising the public policy response to Covid-19. Starting with a small group of South African actuaries and doctors, very early on they spoke out about the negative consequences of lockdown which were not being considered by any of the modeling teams or political advisors.

PANDA’s initial paper was problematic for its authors in the climate of lockdown popularity. They continued their work anyway, and began investigating the epidemic itself. They then noticed, and tried to discuss with those involved, some obvious mistakes such as over-estimations of the epidemic’s severity, infection fatality rates and duration to epidemic peak, and of the population’s susceptibility to the virus.

Dissenting from the modelers, according to their co-founder Nick Hudson, every single point PANDA have made since May has proven to be correct. This includes a range of issues, from the adverse consequences of lockdown to the seasonality of the virus.

This week Dr Clare Craig, a British Consultant Pathologist, self-described as an expert in diagnostic testing, has joined PANDA. She has investigated the pandemic since it peaked in the northern hemisphere’s Spring, and argues that this has now evolved into a false-positive pseudo-epidemic. There are many reports in the medical literature about pseudo-epidemics, where testing has gone wrong and created the illusion of an epidemic. Everyone involved including patients and doctors fully believe they are inside an epidemic, when in fact they are not. It is complicated and certainly does not mean that there is no Covid, only that the epidemic is over and the virus is now reaching endemic equilibrium.

PANDA are starting to look as though they will become an international group of public health professionals, uniting the voices of people who have both the capability and the moral fortitude to claw us out of this global man-made disaster. This movement is evolving us towards the right side of history after some very dark months.

Many PANDA members cannot be overt because of the intensely censorious cultures of their institutions. Australia’s own Covid Medical Network have said the same thing and I have experienced it personally. See for a list of those who can openly state their membership of Panda. Their co-founder Nick Hudson is one of the most eloquent and logical people I have heard speak on this. He and Dr Craig share an insightful interview at a podcast published yesterday. It is well worth your time once you get through the excessive title sequence obviously created by a young man! He is a skilled podcaster nevertheless. Nick Hudson and Clare Craig Speak at “Jerm Warfare: The Battle of Ideas”.

This has been the worst public health policy reaction that the world has ever seen and we will be living with the consequences for years. It is really the job of every clear headed and rational individual now, to rally against the technocratic idiots who are perpetuating these policies.
~ Nick Hudson, PANDA co-founder

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